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    Los Angeles, California

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    Indeed Justice Thomas, the Term High Tech Lyching is Very Appropriate!

    *Thanks CNN, for the noose caricature.
  • False accusations that egregiously damage a reputation, career, freedom, right to legally own and possess property, *unlawfully kidnapping of another's offspring for illicit profit, etc., etc., would be called High tech lynching!* ....in contemporary times, which is also an integral part of U.S. history, the hangman or hangwoman, lynching institution affiliation, or high tech lynching, can be perpetrated by the: 1. Black middleclass. 2. Illegal immigrant and terrorist supporting at the expense of law abiding U.S. citizens President Barack Obama. 3. Failure of any President to live by his sworn oath of office. 4. Pretend to be your friend sneaky liberals. 5. No good jackleg sacrilegious preachers. 6. Racists, be it other Blacks, Caucasians, Hispanics, Pseudo Christians, or others.. 7. Rogue police officers, incompetent police chief, and mayor. 8. Incompetent probation officers and social workers. 9. Unethical judges, incompetent lawyers, overzealous city prosecutors, no good elected officials. 10. Silence on the part of the so-called university educated. 11. A dysfunctional electorate and Blatant corruption in government. 12. Incompetent doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators. 13. Others. *Considering all the above the noose, borrowed from CNN material is truly appropriate.
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