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    Condemn your Half Brother George, Like You Condemned Black Men on Father's Day President Obama!

    President Barack Obama, don't you think it is time to hold a press conference to condemn the actions of your half-brother, George Obama, like you condemned Black men on "Father's Day? Obama Sr.'s life then took a tailspin into drinking and poverty, from which he never recovered. His friend, Kenyan journalist Philip Ochieng, has described Obama Sr.'s difficult personality and drinking problems in the Kenya newspaper, The Daily Nation. .......and Reverend Jesse Jackson was justified in condemning Barack Obama's actions! "Barack Obama is coming out of the corporate closet, so to speak - in an unseemly rush! Having finally made his nomination inevitable, the Democratic standard bearer-to-be is going public with what was also inevitable: a full unveiling of his pro-business, pro-imperial, don't-give-a-damn about Black folks policies. Yet Obama's free pass remains in effect in Black America, where he "is held to no standard at all." by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley ......and President Barack Obama has the audacity to condemn U.S. born Black men, some of whom are honorably discharged U.S. war veterans of foreign wars, only to return to a hostile nation Furthermore, unlike President Elect Barack Obama, many of these individuals have not had the opportunity to be gainfully employed, but they have still managed to survive, and maintain their good character! Recessions and black America "A lot of the headlines at CNN are about Issue #1 - the economy - but it seems for many blacks in America the headline is even more specific: Jobs Wanted." .....to which President Barack Obama and/or other elected Black leaders, the so-called Black middleclass, etc., have done nothing to address the reality of high unemployment in the Black community or better yet, protect the mandated Constitutional rights of law abiding U.S. born black men, women, and/or their siblings, egregiously violated by the atrocities of government, all being serious issues that predate our current economic crisis!
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