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    Posted February 4, 2009 by
    El Paso, Texas
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    The health care crisis

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    If you have ssi and your state will not give you food stamps, just ask the social security office fo


    i just got a notice for my tenant, who receives food stamps while on ssi,from health and human services (in texas) it looks like texas may have suspended her food stamps allotment on account of the fact that she receives ssi and the present shelter allowance for her is only 493 dollars a month, so she would have to buy her food from her remaining ssi allotment. i think this must be an error, as according to ssi rule, ssi recipients can have any kind of dwelling, even a mansion or castle, as long as they contribute their whole ssi check to the rent or mortgage and a sponsor pays the rest of the mortgage and other expenses of the recipient directly, as i have been doing for her for 15 years until now that all my resources have been completely exhausted, (as per ssi rules). i do know if a state will deny an ssi recipient their food stamps under any reason, the recipient must call the social security office who can proccess the food stamps for the recipient federally, as ssi is federal just like regular social security, and ssi and regullar social security disablity benefits recipients are all federal patients. i also know the ssi recipients get federal medicaid versions that cover them better than state medicaid versions many times and at least in texas, and that any person can register to vote absentee from overseas in any state and if the state will not process the voter registration they can do it thru the federal governnment reprsentatiive of  the uniformed services and absentee citizens overseas voting act. i include a photo of my ailing, elder dog "wisky" as we today face depression world wide apparently from britain's blair's gaffe or mind slip. he like me and all of us will have a hard time if we get evicted as we can not afford to pay our mortgages but i know we can all have food stamps, even if we do not qualify we can get a few dollars to buy potatoes,very nutritive and cheap, if the food stamps office knows we are disabled. 15 dollars on food stamps will go a long way  that way and othersand we can have a microwave in the trunk of the car, that although microwaves use lots of electricity, just might work with a "radio shack" 12 volt to 110 volt inverter from the car ciigarrete lighter outlet. an as long as we have a car, i guess we can sleep at any homeless  shelter parking lot, even if we do not fit inside. regards, manuel(aand just ask the food stamp office if the food stamps can be replenished before the end of the monthly period if the recipient does not have any resources to buy food at the time, 'cause we must take care of ourselves, including feeding ourselves properly, and by federal clause human beings can not be permiited to starve( i think neither dogs) even if the world is disintegrating by us)

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