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    Norfolk, Virginia
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    February 5, 2009


    Well there are many IReporters out there and I’ve had the privilege of getting to know many and although many of us don’t agree and take opposite positions, we come to respect one another whether we want to admit it or not. Last night I was asked to review a post, and since this particular IReporter has come to many of my posts I reciprocated and reviewed the post. I noticed some comments left from an IReporter who I’ve seen on this site for some time and their MO was the same as I saw during the election. The surprising thing was after all the time that had transpired they still had no avatar and still had not posted a single Ireport. Now, one comes to expect this from a Rookie just getting their feet wet. But, for a long term IReporter to remain faceless and too insecure to post their views on anything here is somewhat joke and how can ANYONE take these people seriously? Especially when all they do is take either something they read or a video that they saw and twist it to give the perception what they are saying is true. Now for the casual passer bys they can read these twisted comments and take them on faith. The sad fact is this particular IReporter not only posts these comments on the post that I was reading, but they spam post it on hundreds of posts trying to spread these twisted comments. I challenged this IReporter and said provide the documented facts to back up what they were accusing President Obama of and the response was for me to basically go find it for myself meaning they could not stand behind their comments. Then they continued like a broken record for me to prove their point which is more proof they did not have it and they were stalling hoping I would go away. I kept restating my request for this person to provide documented fact of their accusations they were flinging against President Obama and this so called IReporter responded with “This is America and the burden of proof, falls with the accuser, in this case you..” This was a crack up, as they were accusing President Obama and I was simply asking for proof and the idiot put their own foot in his mouth claiming that “The Burden of Proof falls with the Accuser...” Which is exactly what I was trying to get, the proof. Then this so called IReporter got belligerent and started name calling like a grade schooler and continued on their broken record rant about their comments and still never supplying valid documentation backing up their accusations against President Obama. This one is just one of many recently and there continues to be this little group of faceless, gutless, spam commenter’s and trouble makers who are bent on distorting the truth and issuing personal attacks against the General IReporter community. There are two things that should come out of this, especially for the casual visitor to IReports. We all know that there are many disclaimers by CNN indicating that the comments on this site have not be Fact Checked and that we should not treat them as fact. Many IReporters here do their best to present the facts and often times back up their comments with links to sites with the full information. But there are those like last night who live for twisting facts for their personal agenda. The best advice is if something you read seems questionable, request the sources of their comments or posts. Most good IReporters will be happy to. As far as the troublemakers who exist on this site for nothing more than to issue personal attacks, we as an IReporter community should just totally ignore them and their abusive attacks and treat them as they are... Little children. Happy Reporting All and ignore the Faceless, Gutless long termers here who contribute nothing but twisted comments with an agenda or prefer to issue personal attacks.

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