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    Norfolk, Virginia

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    And in this corner....


    "... The Thrilla from Wassila"


    Debate... I ain't afraid of any stinking debates and bring on the interviews... Wink, Wink You Betcha!


    Palin 2012 parody paid for by SarahPAC and the Right Wingnut Committee


    Hahahahahaha... It's just a parody Palinites! You people make such a big deal about this and yet a certain other IReporter is issuing flat out lies and accusations against the President of this country and You Palinite Crybabies support and praise her for calling our President a Communist. Well that one fact tells you how distorted and sick you Wingers are... A Political cartoon about a phony Governor is so wrong and disgusting but calling the President of the USA a Communist and "Palling" around with Communists when it isn't true is Great and Newsworthy and Important. You wingers are repulsive, sick, hypocrites and in my book anti-American for supporting a post from this IReporter for Attacking our President. Yes! he is Our President just like Bush was Our last President and I never once accused Former President Bush for being a Communist or a Terrorist in his entire 8 years in office. Yes I did not like him and I did not agree with him but I supported him as My President and never once attacked him in the vile horse crap that Obama continues to be attacked!

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