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    Posted February 17, 2009 by
    Boston, United Kingdom
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    Virtual World Economies - What Makes The Employment Market In Second Life?

    Today I visited Employment Central, a recent start up business in Second Life. Owner Kirsty25 Bune (picture 2) Recently invested 11000L$ into the startup of her business. She tells me that she wants to make it easier for new people in second life to earn money and find a virtual world job. Kirsty tells me that she first discovered Second Life by doing simple Google searches, from there she came into second life with the thought of what to do, and a question of how to make money. She quickly learnt that making money in Second Life was very difficult. I asked her how she would help stimulate the economy of Second Life, she replied by saying " I want to help 'Noobies' who come into this world, so they are more enticed to stay here" She then went on to say "which in turn will stimulate the economy... have contacts with employment agency's with training facility's" Her offices are not even built yet and she is already on the look out of people to help her run her agency of employment. She believes that Linden Labs, creator of Second Life cannot help in this situation "No, I think this is a world created by residents, it is our problem to fix" She said. Kirsty25 Brune told me how there should be easier access of lindens to new people, training options and a better structure for people to train for work both in Second Life and the real world. She told me that she has been looking into virtual economies for a while. Looking for something to get into and believed at first Second Life would be a lot like 'The Sims'. I asked her if she truely believed this venture would work Thats quite alot, do you truely believe this will work, She replied "Yes I do, the people I have met so far need this to work... i have met alot of people that want this to work that already have businesses and need employees" It appears the need is there but the way of finding people is the struggle. Kirsty25, owner of Employment Central said that money isn't necassary, but almost everyone i meet wants money to spend...But is needed to make it rewarding. I believe that there definately needs something to be done by Linden Labs themselves also. It is their creation and they have the power to do what they like. Making Openspace sims more expensive I believe was a very bad idea. This is because many charities and non profits used them for their affordability and flexibility. You can find her simulator, which is currently in development by using this link http://slurl.com/secondlife/Love%20Breeze/50/225/35 Interview conducted by Martyn Vantelli - CNN SL iReporter. Interviewee Kirsty25 Brune.
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