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    How is SL being affected by RL economy



    With the real life economy going through hardships, is second life being affected as well? It all depends on who you ask.



















    "For some people the RL economy is a huge impact on their SL experience," said Jojogirl Bailey, Marketing Director and Manager of Etopia. "For others it really isn't."










    Etopia has two islands on SL: Etopia Island and Etopia Prime. Right now Etopia is doing really well and growing, but for others that has not been the case.



















    "I really think it is affecting folks who were spending large amounts of RL money to fund their SL stuff," said Bailey.



















    In case you did not know, you can use your RL money on SL items, and vice-versa. As of right now, 228 Lindens are worth 1 USD. There is a minimum amount one can transfer if they want a RL check instead of a deposit into Paypal.



















    With the economic system being able to go from Lindens to Dollars or whichever currency a SL account uses, which economy is more stable; the real life or Second Life?



















    "As the RL economy is a bit more unstable, SL will be a bit more stable," said Czari Zenovka, the owner of Czari's Attic, "1 dollar USD goes a lot farther in SL than RL."



















    While many in SL believe this, there are many to point out otherwise. Linden Labs has the right to shut down banks without notice, and recently put a ban on gambling. There are people on SL who think Linden will go after the sex industry next, and are worried that a shutdown of that industry will drastically hurt the SL economy. Much like the gambling ban did.



















    So in our world of coffee shops, trivia, and sex what is perhaps the best way to make money in the economy; prims.



















    Prims are the building blocks of every item in SL. Tables, cars, houses, all are made on the basis of prims. There are plenty of workshops to teach everyone how to use the features.



















    According to both Bailey and Zenovka, making prims and having a good marketing plan are an effective way to be successful in SL.



















    In RL, the economy continues to go down and rarely do we hear some positive news. Perhaps it is SL that is giving us that bit of hope.



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