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    Posted February 19, 2009 by
    Tainan, Taiwan

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    Report and Comment for Taiwan Open 2009 at NUTN (Part II)

    W: Debbie Wang H: Professor Hsiu-Shuang Huang (Honorary Chair of Taiwan Open 2009) W: Ladies and gentlemen, because Taiwan Open 2009(http://go.nutn.edu.tw/2009) has been ended with a success in making two world records. Today we are very glad to invite President of National University of Tainan (NUTN), Taiwan (Professor Hsiu-Shuang Huang) to report and comment the Taiwan Open 2009 event. W: Do you have any comments on the Taiwan Open 2009? H: The game of Go is one of the last board game where the strongest humans are still able to easily win against artificial intelligence. But researchers have discovered new performing algorithms to prove that computers are catching up really fast. The results of the games have indicated if computers continue to improve at this rate, one more human stronghold may fall in front of machines in less than 10 years. The success of this event relies on the successful cooperation among co-organizations, including NUTN, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwanese Association for Artificial Intelligence, and Institute for Information Industry. Besides, I also would like to thank all participants, guests, and staff, especially three Go professional players and the members of the computer center of our university. W: For more details, please check out below websites. Taiwan Open 2009's website: http://go.nutn.edu.tw/2009/ News in Chinese, English, and other languages: http://go.nutn.edu.tw/2009/news.php http://www.nutn.edu.tw/gac600/2009go-report.htm News in English, and other languages: http://go.nutn.edu.tw/2009/English/news_eng.php http://web.nutn.edu.tw/gac600/2009go-report-english.htm National University of Tainan, Taiwan http://www.nutn.edu.tw/ Debbie Wang reports on National University of Tainan, Taiwan, on Feb. 18, 2009. ========================== Note: Because the size of the video is too big to upload using one story. Therefore, it was separated into four parts. This is the part II of the report and comment for Taiwan Open 2009 at NUTN.
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