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    Los Angeles, California

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    More so than racism, sellout elected Black Leaders is the Problem and not Racism!

    Los Angeles Times, Part 1, Friday, September 4, 1987 "1.4 Million Bias Case Settlement OKd The state Assembly ratified the payment of nearly $1.4 million to settle the 5-year-old case of a former school teacher of mentally ill students at Camarillo State Hospital who alleged that she was fired because of racial discrimination. By a 75-0 vote, the Assembly approved the measure by Senator Diane Watson (D-Los Angeles) to settle the suit with the teacher, Betty Andrews of Los Angeles. The bill, previously approved by the Senate, now goes to Governor George Deukmejian for his consideration. Jeffrey Fuller, a deputy attorney general, labeled the settlement "extremely good" for the state, citing a federal court jury decision last November awarding Andrews $2.5 million. Andrews, who is black, was fired in September, 1982, for 15 incidents of alleged misconduct, such as not reporting a student's theft of a candy bar. According to a Senate analysis of the bill, the jury determined that the charges were not based on fact and that Andrews supervisor had engaged in acts and made statements which showed a pattern of racial prejudice" *********************************************** Mind you, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has the audacity to call the U.S. a 'nation of cowards' on race discussions, and here you have treasonous elected Black leaders, specifically Senator Diane Watson (Democrat Los Angeles) initiating a measure to reduce a $2.5 million dollar federal court jury decision, awarded to Betty Andrews, to $1.4 million dollars. Senator Diane Watson, President Barack Obama, and/or all other elected officials are sworn under oath to protect the Constitutional rights of law abiding U.S. citizens. Furthermore, Senator Diane Watson has a duty to serve the best interests of law abiding U.S. citizens, U.S. born black citizens, who are residents of the 33rd Congressional district, being inclusive. Racism will always be here. Ethnic pride, racial identity loyalty, duty to family loyalty, protecting and promoting the property rights of individuals of common heritage, ethnicity, nationality, etc., will always be with us. Of more importance is respecting the rule of law, respecting the U.S. Constitutional and respective State Constitutional rights of the law abiding U.S. citizen, be it Arab, Armenian, Black, Caucasian, Filipino, Hispanic, Italian, Japanese, Jewish, Korean, etc., indigent, affluent, middleclass, teacher, student, preacher, or other, and this would be especially true for any elected official of common heritage, nationality, ethnicity, etc., and their duty to serve others who look like them. If the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution and respective State Constitutional, and/or the lawful rights of all law abiding U.S. citizens are respected, it would not matter if an individual is, or is not a member or leader of the KKK, the Aryan Nation, MALDEF, the Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam, etc., etc., etc. Senator Diane Watson exhibited blatant disregard for the rule of law, U.S. Constitutional and respective State Constitutional, and/or the lawful rights of Betty Andrews, being a law abiding Black woman, living in the 33rd Congressional District. Quite naturally, Jeffrey Fuller, a deputy attorney general, and/or others would label the settlement "extremely good" for the state of California, because unlike Senator Diane Watson, it is not his or her first duty to serve any law abiding Black constituent in Congresswoman Diane Watson's district, such as Betty Andrews. ****************************** Los Angeles Times, September 11, 1987 "Bill Takes Note of Herman Plight" by Ann Herold "His plight shocked the many who revere Woody Herman as one of the greats on the American jazz scene. When it was reported that the ailing former bandleader and clarinetist was to be evicted from his Hollywood Hills home for nonpayment of rent, offers of help from celebrities and fans came pouring in. Now a U.S. representative John Conyers, Jr. , of Michigan, is planning to introduce a bill in Congress next week that would wipe out Herman's $1.4 million tax debt. Herman's case Conyers said, "is important because it symbolizes the tawdry treatment given to jazz musicians in this country. This legislation will correct an injustice and help to ensure that Woody Herman lives his remaining years with dignity and respect." Herman who is bedridden with emphysema and heart problems, is "a little bit tired but feeling happy and encouraged by what's going on," said his daughter, Ingrid Herman Reese. It's the best I've seen him feel in weeks". *********************************** .....and here you have Congressman John Conyer's of Michigan's 14th Congressional District, representing Woody Herman of Hollywood, California..... .......Hollywood, California, and Woody Herman being very remote from Congressman John Conyer's Congressional District. Woody Herman's $1.4 tax debt , and eviction for nonpayment of rent, although harsh on any senior citizen, it is legal. Here you have misfit elected Black leaders on one hand betraying their law abiding Black constituency, such as Senator Diane Watson betraying Betty Andrews, and on the other hand, stepping up to the plate for individuals who do not reside in their district, or who save the day, for individuals who are in violation of the law, such as Congressman John Conyer's drafting legislation in behalf of Woody Herman, who is a tax cheat, and bad tenant. (Mind you, not a single California Congressperson, California City Mayor, California Governor, California State Senator, California State Assemblyperson, etc., etc., followed the cab of Michigan Congressman John Conyers to exhonorate Woody Herman of his obligations to pay his rent and taxes.) It is crystal clear as to why the liberal Community and/or others promote a Congresswoman Diane Watson, Congressman Conyer's, and/or other treasonous Black elected leaders, because as the articles "1.4 Million Bias Case Settlement OKd" , "Bill Takes Note of Herman Plight", and/or other realities prove, it is the Black community that pays a heavy price when elected officials fail to respect the U.S. Constitutional and respective State Constitutional rights *of the law abiding U.S. citizens. What baffles me, is the reality that for decades a misguided Black electorate and/or Black middleclass continue to support or promote individuals who have a record of betraying the Black community and/or who bend over backwards to quash or kill off the deeds of the unsung heroes of the Black community, who truly serve and support the U.S. Constitutional and respective State Constitutional rights of all law abiding U.S. citizens, especially individuals of common heritage.
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