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    Posted March 1, 2009 by
    Del Norte, Colorado

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    Paul Harvey and Mom

    I remember as a kid, Dad went off on his ship, the USS Saratoga, and Mom use to turn off the tv and turn on the radio when Paul Harvey was due to broadcast. I once asked her why we couldn't watch tv when Harvey was on, she replied that Harvey gave her honest news. Dad retired from the Navy in early 68, then was called back due to the Pueblo incident. Mom use to sit in her bedroom when Paul Harvey came on the radio for the news, my brothers and sister watched tv, but we would all wait for Harvey to finish his broadcast, then ask Mom what was going on.
      This was true for every major news break, from Vietnam, to Apollo 13 and beyond. In her declining years, i had little time to visit her in Va., but when i did Harvey was there in her bedroom, Mom had cancer, though she beat it, she was pretty much bedridden in her late years. In oct of 2001, i took a trip to Va. from my home in Colorado to visit Mom, I use to sit with Mom and talk about life in general, i knew in my heart that her time was coming and there was so much i wanted to say to her, but her alarm clock would ring, not that it was time to get up, but that it was time for Paul Harvey.
       Mom passed away the following january when i was back in Colorado. I wrote the following poem and read it at her funeral at Quantico Memorial cemetery; I love you momma, goodbye.
       To my mother, died, 01/01.02
      You gave me life dearheart mother and without thinking, I pushed you away. You taught me about GOD dearheart mother, I haven't thanked you to this day. I chose my own road in life and without thinking I left you behind. But the thought of you was with me, to help me through fear and it kept me strong. I struggled through life, because I always thought that I was right. I should have stopped to think, and called you for advise. Now when everything is going wrong, and I know that you died before your time. I have this emptiness inside me, and realize that the struggle is all mine. As life goes on, I know that I have to let you go. I now realize that everything I need, were in your teachings and I already know. John William Hargis copywrite@2002
      During my adult life, and with the loss of 70% of my hearing, Paul Harvey's voice was one of the few i could understand, so the fan club was hereditary. We lose one of the few people that we could trust in the media, and there is no one to replace him. May God bless and keep Paul Harvey. John W Hargis Sr
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