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    New Orleans, Louisiana
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    CNN is Wrong about Food Stamps in Louisiana



    This is why old white male reporters need to either be retired, being that they are invalid with current America or not allowed to attempt educating the pubic about food stamps in New Orleans.                                                                               

    This guy on Campbell Brown, hosted by Roland Martin, said that people are making harsh comments about welfare recipients and that 176.00 was the max amount you can get for food stamps in Louisiana. Yeah, if your one person but we all know food stamps go to women with five kids and a BF at home, who the county doesnt know about! So, they get $800.00 per month and this includes illegal immigrants who get it through their newly born kids and anchor babies.

                                                                                    Then, he said that "there are RULES you cant buy any prepared or already made food" and "people that go to a liquor store have no choice but to buy chips and soda." What a typical outdated story reported by some white rich man, who had no business doing this assignment.                                                                               

    First, New Orleans isn't L.A. county. You have bus lines, boat lines, trolley lines and cars, planes and automobiles-therefore EVERYONE can get to a grocery store.                                                                               

    Secondly, if you go to one of these liqueur stores owned by a Korean, Arab or Vietnamese-all of these people with food stamps-buy beer, wine, malt liqueur, fried chicken, cheese burger, chilli/cheese fires and the owner just rings it up under Pepsi, milk and bread!






    I have NEVER had anyone of my family on food stamps and even I know that scam! These people think that we're dumb!









    Please give me a break CNN! Your so outdated in your reporting.



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