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    Lou Dobbs Tonight: Your Thoughts

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    Freedoms Taken for Granted by Others have Been Under Fire For Decades in the Black Community!

    Freedom under Fire "This is the faith in the future that has always been the story and promise of America. So at this defining moment in history let us renew our special relationship for our generation and our times. Let us restore prosperity and protect this planet and, with faith in the future, let us together build tomorrow today." by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown .......however the story of promise of prosperity in America for U.S. born blacks who have served this nation honorably has been sabotaged by the failure of a *truly inept elected Black leadership failure to honor their sworn duty to uphold the principles ""I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, with *Liberty and Justice for all." to which this nation stands. "Every American's individual rights and freedoms are under assault. Instead of upholding the Bill of Rights and defending this country's most precious and individual freedoms, the Obama administration is waging an all-out war against them. This administration is trampling all over fundamental American rights, from freedom of speech to gun ownership, both enshrined in the Bill of Rights and the First and Second Amendments to our constitution." by Lou Dobbs .......and the individual rights and freedoms of law abiding U.S. born Black descendents of the vestibule of slavery has been under assault for decades in the Black community, all while President Barack Obama, other elected Black leaders, and/or the typical Black middleclass remain silent, become co-conspirators in the oppression of the innocent, practice "yellow journalism", and/or play games of deceit when petitioned by the law abiding for redress, for the atrocities of a government seriously gone awry! *President Barack Obama and/or other elected Black leaders disregard for Constitutional Protections, Make for a Dysfunctional Black community!* President Barack Obama has no regard for his mandated sworn under oath of office duty, to uphold the U.S. Constitution to protect, serve, and defend the legal rights of law abiding U.S. born Black men, women, and children, egregiously violated by the atrocities of a government seriously gone awry! ........It remains to be seen as to what real value President Barack Obama will be to set a good example for others, because *President Barack Obama places more value in the rights of illegal immigrants, subversives, and terrorists*, than in the lawful rights of law abiding U.S. citizens, specifically law abiding U.S. born black descendents of the vestibule of slavery in the U.S. The Republican Party, the Reagan and Bush Administrations, nor Presidents Ronald Reagan or George Bush are responsible for the demise of the Black community, because the demise of inner-city Black America is on the shoulders of the Democrats and not the Republican Party, and all this set of events precedes our current economic crisis. ......and the truly oppressed could care less for sympathy and handouts from Caucasians or anyone else. More important, and what makes for a level playing field is "Equal Justice and Protection Under the Law", "Respect for the Rule of Law", etc., etc., to which here again, President Obama and/or other misfits, have no regard for the rule of law, as it pertains to respecting the lawful rights of law abiding U.S. born black people, who have served this nation honorably during times of war or peace! *As Rush Limbaugh states, given this set of real world scenarios, why would any sane law abiding U.S. citizen want this to succeed?
  • Typically, the Black community has not evolved to place value in the meaning of Constitutional protections, and/or value in the many sacrifices of honorably discharged Black war veterans to serve, protect, and defend the principles for which this nation stands! *THE INNER CITY IS PART OF THIS REPUBLIC, IN NAME ONLY!
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