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    Posted March 11, 2009 by
    Waxia, Florida
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    Lessons from grandma

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    A Lesson Learned



    While growing up in a little country village of Waxia, challenges were just as common as a bright, sunny, day. Although money was scarce, and luxeries were few and far between, my grand-parents knew what it took to get by.



    As a child, I would play in everything from the chicken coops, right on down to chasing the sheep. I learned how to milk a cow, make butter, grow a garden, and raising certain birds and cows for slaughter.  I never really understood the irony of it all until welll after I had grown up, and moved on into the world as an adult.



    My grandmother could be found, the majority of the time, in the kitchen. That was her common room.  When she wasn't cooking the family meal, she was canning vegatables from the garden, making butter and cream from the milk that was gathered from the cows by my grand-father each day, or picking pecans in the pasture to sell, keeping only enough to cook a batch of fudge, which was a rare treat for the family. Every season, my grandparents would slaughter chickens and ducks, to stock the 2 large freezers that sat in the back room.



    My grandparents taught me that money was always scarce, but that didn't mean you had to do without. There was always a way to get by. It may not have been what you wanted, but there was always a compromise that could be lived with.



    Living in such a modern world, generations after me, have forgotten the ways and customs of the old world. Where today's generation has CD players and MP3"s, my grandparents' generation had live music or a Victrola. Parties consisted of being at a neighbor's home, or a country barn, with friends and family, celebrating the Harbest Moon. Many times, I sit and wonder where the generations of today would be if they had to live the way my grandparents did. Could they succeed by planting a garden for vegatables, and raising animals for meat?



    The lessons taught to me by my grandparents, still remain with me. I can fruits and vegatables, and grow a small garden in my back yard every year. Yet, there is one lesson I was taught, that will remain with me until my last breath.  A lesson that has long been forgotten by many.The lesson that FAMILY is, and always should be, your strength, as well as your guide.



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