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    'Tea Party' Terrorists Reap What they Sow

    I warned that these anti-Obama "tea parties" would lead to no good. A fellow iReporter said last night, "Plant a seed and watch it grow!" Guess what people... the seeds are growing! They can say that it's about freedom of speech. They can say they're protesting his policies. I don't buy it! They're terrorists planting seeds of fear and hate against our President! A man, allegedly furious over the election of President Obama, purchased depleted uranium over the Internet from an American company. This man was trust fund millionaire James G. Cummings, an American Nazi sympathizer from Maine who was slain by his wife Amber in December, allegedly had the radioactive components necessary to construct a "dirty bomb," a newly released threat analysis report states. "Amber (Cummings) indicated James was very upset with Barack Obama being elected President," reported the Washington Regional Threat and Analysis Center (PDF link). "She indicated James had been in contact with 'white supremacist group(s).' Amber also indicated James mixed chemicals in the kitchen sink at their residence and had mentioned 'dirty bombs.'" http://rawstory.com/news/2008/Slain_white_supremacist_had_components_for_0309.html Trust me, the violence is coming! Go ahead people! Hold your heads high and proud while you yell out "Communist", "Marxist", "Socialist", "Hitler!" Even the Nazis don't compare your President to Hitler! * The World is Watching! *
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