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    Posted March 13, 2009 by
    san diego, California
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    Pi Day pie-off

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    Celebrate the Circle


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     ChrisMorrow says she made this lemon custard pie in 2009 for an annual Pi Day party, involving 'six geeks reciting pi to as many decimal points as possible.' She says she has made apple, sweet potato, cherry, chocolate and cream pies in the past, but she hasn't decided what to make this year.
    - dsashin, CNN iReport producer

    "I become geeky with my math and foodie friends on 3.14 to celebrate pi day!," said Chris Morrow.


    Chris Morrow note: Custard pie made and enjoyed in 2009 at a pi day party.


    Pi represents the relationship between a circle’s diameter (its width) and its circumference (the distance around the circle).  It’s fundamental throughout the field of mathematics. Used by everyone, we can find it in the measurements of the Great Pyramid and in popular culture, in movies and TV shows. So go out for pizza or order a slice of pie and celebrate the circle. Happy Pi Day!


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