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    Posted March 16, 2009 by
    Huntsville, Alabama
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    Bailout outrage

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    Bail out, whos to blame?


    Okay, so I have been reading iReports, and news reports on how terrible AIG is, and how they shouldn't be doing all these bonus's. Even President Obama and Congress are getting on the Band Wagon.......Uh ohhh folks, don't be fooled by this pandering from these people in high offices. AIG is giving those bonuses becuase they can. When Congress and Senators and hell even the President allowed this TARP bill to pass they became a part of the larger issue. The TARP Bill gave no guidelines, nor rules for these companies on what they can and can't do with the money they recieve.


    Should AIG have given those bonuses...to be honest I can't say, but obviously alot of people are angry about this. So get angry, but not at AIG or anyother company, get mad at your elected officials because they are the ones that allowed for all these unrestricted bailouts to happen.



    Now how can I know that these companies are allowed to give out these bonuses without reading the bill you may ask. Well it is because of the lack of legeal actions that are being taken against these companies. Basically all that the Congressmen and Senators and President can do is strong arm these companies into complying with what they(the government) want them to do.



    In Conclusion had our government taken the time they should have taken in creating this bill and instituted the proper guidlines, these companies wouldn't be able to do what they are doing now. So folks if you want to get mad, get mad at the appropriate people, your elected officials.



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