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    Electricity and Internet: the new social revolutions


    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 28, 2009


    Electricity and Internet: the new social revolutions|The clean-tech/green-tech  industry

    I estimate that due to colossal pressure on economy, local and global, combined with profound political changes, that actual industry and economy is simply switching from fossil-fuels-based-energy to electrical, natural gas, wind, solar and atomic energy.

    New sources of fuel and new technologies are introduced and implemented. I foresee the strategic and social role of oil to diminish, to a role carbon (or like the adepts like to call “clean carbon”) is placed today. A mortal damage to oil-based-economy is done and we will use oil only for an interim period, until all the discovered alternative technologies will be fully implemented and road and bench tested. Even the aviation is experiencing with alternative green renewable fuels. The energy revolution is here!

    This revolution will be a local movement, not a global one, because the world is reversing from a trend of globalization and specialization to a small measure of localization.

    In parallel another trend is seen, as locally grown organic food: richer in nutrients and vitamins, is making a steady progress to our daily tables. The big circle of globalization will give some ground to small inner circles of villages and towns.

    In the last 50 years, the world population simply doubled, to more than 8+ billions humans, putting an enormous pressure on supply, food chains, water, energy and global geo-politics. More important, the international markets changed and more and more people, around the world and in the big emerging markets, have more money and access to buy a pre-owned or a new vehicle, a computer and a cellular phone.

    The only democratic form of energy that will guarantee a universal growth for all human civilization is electricity. It is easy to generate, it is clean and easy to transport and distribute. One element is somehow missing: storage. This is the only weak link in the chain (and giving its strength) but researchers are overwhelmingly studying this matter, coming every day with new types of batteries, like the Li-Ion battery series (communally seen in our laptops, iPods, Blackberries and smart phones).

    Ferdinand Porsche's one of the first design was the Lohner-Porsche electric car of 1901. The vehicle was presented at the Paris Expo. It was avant-garde, and was enthusiastically received. Blue-Tech Diesel engine are making 35-45 miles per gallon. As technology, was unique for its hub-mounted motors and innovative all-wheel-drive design. Electrical cars are to stay and become the main stream.

    Do you know that the early Model T (Ford) was making 23-25 miles on a gallon of fuel? It is taking us some 100 years of technology (is first fuel was alcohol) to get back there…

    Electricity and Internet are a gift of a few generations. We have to use it to advance our civilization. The clean-tech/green tech industry is the next technological revolution, toward a cleaner economy.

    Electricity (renewable and green energy, locally harvested) and Internet (individual generated news, art and information) are the technological revolutions that will change our way of living.

    The electricity (and other form of energy) produced from now-on its iron-marked by a new trend. It will be good for environment, it will dramatically reduce the CO2 emission, and will be sustainable and within the new guidelines: “environmentally friendly energy”.


    Please express your points-of-view and comment.

    Hedi Enghelberg| hedi@enghelberg.com




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