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    Posted March 28, 2009 by
    St Louis, Missouri
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    Stimulus thoughts: What you'd fix first

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    A recap of my first Ireport. Metro transit,the mass transit service in St. Louis Mo is cutting service, because of a 46 million dollar deficit. The service will reduce its footprint and sever itself from the county. Making it impossible for many commuters to even arrive to work. This change will leave many people with zero transportation options.


    Looking out the window at work (shown in the picture), makes me ponder about the future of this city. It seems many developments are falling through, the local economy is getting worse, layoffs are increasing, and the hope of recovery is fading.


    President Obama is throwing billions of dollars at the issue, which he says will help us recover from this disaster. From where I am sitting, I see nothing. What I do see Congressmen and Senators standing at a money buffet, grabbing as much as they can for their districts in hope that bringing home as much money as possible will get them reelected.


    President Obama also talked about how this money will be used to help this country grow more "green" Yet transit companies accross the nation are scaling back because they are in the red. They have been given money to build but they cannot afford to operate the existing system.


    I wrote an email to Senator Claire McCaskill's office, to raise awareness of this issue.Her office responded that I should contact Metro Transit with my concerns.....


    Newly appointed Governor Jay Nixon, had the Missouri department of transportation write me. Their email indicated they are spending on highways and roads, not transit.


    AIG is recieving billions to keep the rich, wealthy. Banks are recieving billions because they made mistakes. Even the politicians who have recieved millions from campaign contributions are not feeling the pain of the American people in their life of luxury. Yet the government cannot find the money to ensure people who want to work, and try and realize the american dream, can reach their jobs. Governor Jay Nixon and President Obama cannot find any money to ensure those that have Disabities can remain independent and mobile.


    A conservative estimate in the Saint Louis area for job loss due to these cuts is 12,000 jobs. Lets say the average unemployment is 250 bucks a week, which means the state of Missouri will pay 12 million dollars a month in unemployment benefits instead of paying for transit.


    President Obama, Governor Jay Nixon, and Senator Clair McCaskill your not the change I believe in.

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