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    The new "GOD" debate rages on!


    I have noticed that there is a new segment of iReports that has been growing over the past month, a debate among Christians, Believers, Agnostics, and Atheists on the existence of a supreme Deity, namely God.



    This interests me greatly in that I am an affirmed Atheist, not because I simply refuse to believe,  but like most of those who think like me, I have done my independent research, thinking, and understanding of the whole "God Issue" and came to MY own conclusions about god and religion.  Unlike a lot of the common belief about Atheists, we are not a bunch of "godless heathens" intent of depriving the world of a god, instead we are in fact a very intelligent segment of the population who hold jobs, positions of authority, raise healthy and happy families, engage in social programs and give to charities, and for the most part live in relative obscurity; electing to believe what we do in silence rather than risk the IRE of those who do believe.  Most Atheists have encountered the kind of stereotyping and prejudice that often accompanies those who hold these beliefs.



    Are we perfect, by no means!  We are human and we do, when confronted about our beliefs, tend to defend them with almost as much conviction and loathing, as those who are believers.  We, like those who believe, are convinced that our way of thinking is the right way, mainly because we tend to focus more on  science, deduction, and reason.  And yes, we do tend to think that those who believe  do so with blind faith, little deductive reasoning, and sometimes in a child-like way.  We are often accused of being arrogant and aloof, when in fact we are just as likely to be frustrated as those who believe are.



    Most Atheists, when assured that they will not be harmed by acknowledging their beliefs or lack of as is often thought by believers, will gladly and openly debate the issues of god and religion.  Will we always do so with grace and unemotional and clinical precision - NO.  But I will tell you that even the most hardened Atheist would openly accept and embrace a god that could be proven by either scientific means or some other empirical proof.



    This debate will rage on, I know that.  I could present my side of the debate and ask for those with an opposing view to bring their's to the table and it will continue to rage on.  My next post will simply be MY position on why I am an Atheist today, and I will expect and accept debate from those on the other side.  I hope that we will be able to do this without the need for name calling and abuse.  We'll see.

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