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    Posted March 31, 2009 by
    San Diego, California
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    Police Corruption Equates To A New Millennium Genocide In Riverside, CA


    Civil Rights Case Information


    Plaintiff: Ira H. Hatchett, III




    Complaint for Damages
    42 U.S.C. Section 1983

    Violations of the 4th, 8th &

    14th Amendments to the

    US Constitution




    Detective Jeffrey Miller
    City of San Diego
    Detective Phillip Gomez
    City of Murrieta
    County of Riverside

    My current circumstances are as follows:


    On May 31, 2006 I was one of eight people arrested on a criminal complaint initiated by Detective Phillip Gomez of the Murrieta Police Department. After one year in custody, in June of 2007 I began representing myself in the criminal proceedings. Finally, I was brought to trial after thirty months of pre-trial confinement, and on December 11, 2008, I was ACQUITTED of all charges which included, Conspiracy to Intimidate and/or Dissuade A Witness, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery (home-invasion), a gang and a gun enhancement... if convicted I faced life imprisonment.


    Riverside Court Minutes / People v. Hatchett

    Case# SWF016990...


    (Inmates and Staff make it known that accused SEX Offenders are in constant jeopardy.)

    *** I will direct attention to the Trial Transcripts where at trial I proved the defendants "INTENTENALLY DECEIVED" the Court to get an arrest warrant against me and for the thirty months that followed my arrest, these defendants engaged in a pattern of illegal, diabolical conduct that resulted in me suffering severely.


    Although there are a multitude of occurrences that I can point out that will verify my accusations of fabricating evidence, direct lies, and selective memory loss, also known as the inability to recall the true facts of the evidence by both Detective's Miller and Gomez throughout the transcripts of this case...


    While suffering through the 30 months of pre-trial incarceration, I was physically brutalized several times, and I want it to be known that based on these detective's lies, I was an innocent man locked up for over thirty months. Please understand that in those two and a half years that I was held in jail I was seriously injured in two riots, attacked by other inmates and equally hostile jail staff. This event has completely ruined my life, the emotional tension of just being in jail, not to mention the enormous mental distress I suffered every time I was punched, kicked, or pepper-sprayed, please note that to this day, I still have broken bones that went untreated and two broken teeth as a result of being kicked in the face by an inmate. All because the newspapers continually published pictures and articles naming me as some deviant sexually perverted pimp who victimized underage girls.


    In spite of me proving the faults in the investigation, proof of the detective's lies and exposing that they actually lied on the witness stand in this case, my co-defendants, are all going to be serving sentences of 8 years to 57 years to life. Moreover, the whole judicial process in San Diego, and Riverside County  is corrupt. From the street cops that make the arrest all the way up to the judge that sentences you, at every stage black men and women are victimized by the system.

    Based on the true horror of my ordeal, the DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE to my life the detective's demonstrated I am asking anyone who knows of any similar situations, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please email me at: accountability09@live.com


    Trust that I have incontrovertible evidence of each of my claims, know that I am not, "tilting at windmills" and "lashing out ineffectively" these officials "CONSPIRED to CONVICT" and it could just as easily happen to you.



    Ira H. Hatchett, III

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