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    Business & Country: Why Children Blow Them Up?


    Why do businesses and Countries are destroyed by the kids and grand kids.  There are myriad answers.  I suspect that many times a business is build on fraud and robbery, it is destine to destruct sometime.  Also, some guys get up because they were at the right place & time.  Rarely, there is the seed for continued growth.  Hardly, it was preparation preparation that met opportunity.



    The Bible said that the children of the righteous never beg for bread.   Also whom God is for, can no man be against.   And so, I have been poor all my life.  I am not going to do gay love for a fortune.  I cannot take funds out of this life but character.  So, I rather dwell in a tent than in a mansion with evil corrupt people.  Eventually, the cops will bust if up and cart all off to jail.



    So people be honest in all things.  Your wealth can be maintained if it is not ill gained.   Some families decided to go for the big bucks but the kids smoke it out and attorney fees, and disease take the rest.   Also, their ill gained bucks is spend on activities that undermined their children health.  So, that their parents had no talents but the club or secret organization helped them up.  Their kids borned with low IQ, they acquire more jokers.  So that they are not capable of maintaining the status quo, therefore it collapses.

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