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    Hot Air: ‘Turds’ Say Fascist

    April 16th, 2009

    By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

    Some of the TEA (taxed enough already) partiers yesterday also suggested President Obama’s actions are Fascist. We have been discussing what Fascism is and if it applies to Obama for the last two days.  This is America.  We can have a discussion about this.  I believe the argument can be made that he is indeed behaving like a Fascist.  However, some on the Right are quick to label that viewpoint as nonsense.  “Allahpundit” at Michelle Malkin’s Hot Air describes a man calling Obama a Fascist as among…

    “the most degenerate members of the bunch, like this turd here, so that viewers think he’s representative.”

    Really? He’s a “turd” for saying that?  He’s a “degenerate” for saying that?  I guess that makes me a degenerate turd too.  Not so nice, Mr. Allah, sir.  Granted, the man the CNN reporter attacks at the beginning of the video is not as eloquent as he could beHe does not answer her question about why Obama is a Fascist.  She also was very rude, interupted him, degraded him and didn’t give him the chance to answer.  Neither does Hot Air or Allahpundit.  Neither side (CNN and Hot Air agree???) is interested in the answer.  They both just label the guy a piece of “turd.”

    An arguement can be made to defend the man’s label of “Fascist” for President Obama. First watch the first few seconds of this tape so you can see what the talk is about…

    Michelle Malkin points out the same CNN fraud of a reporter, Susan Roesgen, thought it was fine when protesters called Bush “Hitler” and depicted him as the Devil.

    Perhaps Allah, and CNN, could consider looking at some of facts and definitions before jumping to such conclusions.  Aren’t we on the Right the ones who say when you can’t win an arguement, you resort to calling names?

    Our posts the last two days have not depicted Obama as Hitler.  We have not used the “Fascist” label to call him “a name.“  We have instead taken a mature look at what it actually means to be a Fascist.  We have then taken a look at Obama’s words and actions to see if they fit that definitionI guess that makes us degenerate turds. Hot Air and Mr. Allah are WAY off base for attacking this man.

    Some facts are in order:

    For example, one of four key components to Fascism is collectivism over individualism.  This also is a key component of the Obama leadership. From our Tuesday post:

    President Obama himself says it this way, as quoted in the Chicago Reader:

    “In America,” Obama says, “we have this strong bias toward individual action. You know, we idolize the John Wayne hero who comes in to correct things with both guns blazing. But individual actions, individual dreams, are not sufficient. We must unite in collective action, build collective institutions and organizations.”

    He certainly fits in with the Fascist desire to replace individualism with collectivism.  He certainly “exalts nation above the individual.”

    Another of the four key components of Fascism is that it must be a political philosophy or regime.  Team Obama certainly qualifies.

    The third key component is that Fascism stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader.  Of course this argument his harder to make for President Obama, but not impossible.  He has created more new positions in the executive branch than have ever existed before.  Each of these so-called “Czars” is given a task to be in charge of.  Democrat Senator Robert Byrd has been a strong opponent of these power grabs by Obama.  He has warned that the President is pushing the limits of the United States Constitution and setting up systems to skip the congress in order to achieve his goals.  Those actions certainly point in the direction of a more centralized autocratic government headed by a single leader.  Is he a dictator?  Not yet.  Could he be headed in that direction?  It is possible.

    The final component of Fascism is that it contain the desire to forcibly suppress the opposition.  It is easier to place President Obama in line with this component than it is to paint him as a current dictator.  Reporters who were tough on him as a candidate were kicked off his campaign plane.  Homeland Security is out with a new report (9-page document warning cops to watch Conservative Americans) painting pro-lifers, returning military veterans, and those who oppose current immigration policy as “right wing extremists.”  He wants to demonize those who disagree.  Obama’s actions demonstrate he has a strong desire to quiet his opponents.  He is pushing card-check (the Employee No Choice Act) to strengthen union membership and create more funding for democrat candidates and more democrat voters.  His budget proposes a huge increase in the government payroll.  This move also creates more union workers, financial support for democrat voters and more democrat votes.  His historical involvement with the methods of Saul Alinsky (#4 on the Official Obama Administration Scandals List) and the ACORN group also indicate he is very much in favor of using trickery and lies (both Alinsky methods), and cheating (ACORN is constantly in trouble for this) to diminish the opposing political party.  He and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton who said she has never understood the two-party system, would prefer a one-party oligarchy over the two-party system.  In short, he is doing everything he can to suppress the opposition.  He is “forcing” his ideals on us all by trying to suppress the opposition.  Is it “force” in the physical sense (like having security forces beat up conservatives)? No.  He is forcing his own brand of left-wing socialism down our throats.  Unfortunately, it all goes unchecked because of political frauds like Susan Roesgen at CNN.  He doesn’t even have to use force to gain blind obedience from many in the media.

    With those things considered, the man CNN talked with is not a degenerate turd.  Neither are we.


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