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    Posted April 21, 2009 by
    Greensburg, Pennsylvania
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    Three Deer Boost Beer Sales


    Three deer enter a Beer store on a Friday night minutes before closing time, leave out the back door, and make national news. The story causes a hype, and beer sales increase. But my testimony,as an ex-employee of  the beer store,  allows for a clearer representation of the events of that night and the weeks after--which leads to the death of one of the deer due to the unresponsibility of all of the managers.


    Many people of the United States may have heard that three deer ran into the Beer Arena in Greensburg, PA. But there are many facts about this story that people do not know that turn it from a fun and light-hearted news story about deer going on a beer run into a tragic life ending experience.


    The facts are that three deer entered the store that night and only two left. One was found eleven days later behind the piles of various beer promoting items (corona coolers, tiki bars, and other various display items). When found the deer was taken outside and shot to death because it couldn't even stand.


    After the surveilance footage aired on various local newstations, the story was picked up by Fox and aired nationally. Soon locals began to come in and ask about the three deer.


    "See any deer lately?" they said.


    Or, "How did those deer get in here?"


    I always said same few words, "Yeah we've only been open for nineteen years, you would think that this would've happened already," and my sarcasm was never noticed.


    In the weeks after the news story aired all of the workers noticed that beer sales were increasing from before the deer ran in.


    "Man, the cooler is wrecked tonight," one worker who wanted to remain anonymous said, "I thought this was the slow season for beer stores."


    The worker said this exactly one week after the story aired. Beer sales were increasing.


    "We were doing maybe two-thousand dollars a night for months, and then the Deer Arena story made Fox and CNN," another worker that wanted to remain anonymous said, "Now we're doing double that every night and this is the slow season for beer stores."


    This worker said this ten days after the story aired. Beer sales were still high.


    The height of the deers thirst and hunger had not yet been reached.


    Eleven days after the story aired one worker took some of the promotional items from the back room and found the deer. It was lying on the ground hyperventilating. When it saw the worker it tried to stand but fell. The manager called the game warden.


    The game warden came and scared the deer out the back door--the same door the other two deer iused to leave--and it fell down the hill outside the door. It lay on the ground breathing heavily and coughing. It was thirsty and hungry and lost when its head went numb from the gun shot--then it was dead.

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