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    Posted April 21, 2009 by
    Chula Vista, California
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    Same-sex marriage: Civil right vs. states' rights

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    My Final Thoughts On The Real Miss America: Carrie Prejean.


    I've been reading alot of posts off and on during the day about The Miss USA Pageant. It does not surprise me one bit how much hatred there is over Carrie Prejeans honest answer. When I say hatred I mean HATRED all capitols. Don't believe me? Check out a few posts especially ones marked CNN. The question that Perez Hilton gave Carrie was so unfair and he literally put her on the spot. Watching the video you can clearly see how Hilton was disgusted after she answered the question. Alot of cheers, and alot of boos.


    Carrie Prejean never mentioned religion in her answer, and MANY  people have brought that up with hate. America is a land where everyone has rights, that's what she said, and it's true. In San Diego I've seen more then a few people from the gay community with posters and pictures of Miss California on their car windows and house windows. These pictures and posters have the B word and another very offensive word over Carrie's face.


    What does that say about the gay community/communities? It's really uncomfortable and sad that so many many people are brought up with hate and people who just can't accept one's opinion. If we truely are Americans, then why can't we act more maturely with better class? Carrie's answer will forever be in my head because how many of you would say something to make others like you even tho you don't really support it. If you had a shot at a crown or a title would you lie to make others happy, or would you stand on your morals and values and answer from the bottom of your heart?

    This Young Lady Carrie Prejean should be treated with MUCH respect and NOT with such hatred.


    And to those of you who say that Carrie did not lose because of her answer? Watch a few youtube videos on perez hilton and even he admits that it may very well have cost her the Crown!


    P.S. I know many will take stars away from this post or might flag my post and that's just fine, because as long as I have a voice, that's all that matters...

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