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    Posted April 30, 2009 by
    miami, Florida

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    Cyber Wars and Cyber Terrorism | Info wars


    Miami, Florida, April 30th, 2009



    Cyber Wars, Cyber Terrorism and Info Wars are a flagella and not a simple on-line game, office chat and rivalry.


    The Cyber Terrorism is a very serious type of asymmetric war, which unless the normal (nothing is normal about the war) , traditional war, affects us all. This is a very serious business and a simple conclusion on human kind evolution and heavy (total) dependence on computer systems.


    All enemies are dangerous: with little training and some degree of dedication and talent, with a simple computer connected to Internet, can attack a powerful nation, with more devastating results than a traditional frontal attack.


    Maybe you do not see not the damage, but believe me, the damage is there. Cyber attacks are in the thousands and happened daily between nation at war and nations at peace. It's simply that they are not reported, because of shame and difficulties in taking the blame.


    Cyber Terrorism has to be open to debate and is more spread around us and taking more complex form than a sneak attack on some other nation’s computers.


    Since 1999 I was one a few authors to mention this type of asymmetric war and new war dimension, added to water, air and ground.


    CIberterrorismo, 2003, www.bn.com | ISBN-13: 9789800785188


    Please comment your experience with cyber war, cyber terrorism and info wars.



    _______ By Hedi Enghelberg | hedi@enghelberg.com


    Picture: book cover, Ciberterrorismo, 2003-2004 | First Edition.

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