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    Los Angeles, California
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    Hello, my name is Gary Kramer, I recently had a book published “INJUSTICE FOR ALL” and I thought you might be interested in doing a piece about it.  It’s an expose on the Los Angeles Municipal Court System where I worked as a court clerk from 1967 to 1981.  It includes numerous and outrageous criminal violations committed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, many judges and attorneys as well as an attorney that represented O.J. Simpson at his murder trial. 


    Everything in the book is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and memory.  I have many documents as proof of the crimes I will discuss and if need be at the proper time and place I will disclose them.  For now, I have enclosed a list of them but I have redacted/blocked out names and locations to protect the identities of the families of the people caught up in this nightmare.  I don’t want to hurt anyone in any way unless I am forced to do so in order to protect myself. 


    Many of these people were the nicest folks I've ever known but it didn't stop them from committing crimes. I think that old adage that “power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts” is true more often than not. I also want to make it perfectly clear that I don’t pretend to be better than any of them.  In fact, I turned out to be almost just like them.  The only difference being I broke the law and I was stupid enough to get caught and suffered the consequences.


    The statute of limitations for prosecuting the crimes I mentioned in my book expired more than twenty years ago so these people don't have to worry about charges being filed against them.  If anyone wants to remove any doubt about my truthfulness, I will voluntarily take a polygraph test anytime, anywhere.


    Some of the judges have already been removed publicly from the bench for judicial misconduct and other charges and some of the attorneys have been disbarred from practice so I have used their real names.  The book is not only about the corruption and craziness I found myself mixed up in while working in the Los Angeles Judicial System, it also delves into my personal life as well.  Ipso facto, we also have ourselves an autobiography.


    Before we get serious, I want to make it perfectly clear to you that I was not just an innocent bystander in some of the shenanigans I’m about to tell you.  I got my hands dirty and I accept full responsibility for everything I did including breaking the law.  I’m ashamed of it but I can’t go back and do it over. 


    After I got the job at the courthouse, I worked my way up to be a court clerk and the first two judges I worked for were removed from the bench for judicial misconduct.  They were judge Noel Cannon and judge David Kennick.  After that, everything went from bad to worse. 


    I started writing my book in earnest after watching the O.J. Simpson murder trial.  I saw the defense attorneys, the prosecuting attorneys, the witnesses and even the jurors were writing a book and thought to myself, why not me.  As you probably know, that trial was more like a three ring circus complete with more clowns and off the wall characters than any other trial in history.


    I knew a few of the participants including Johnnie Cochran and Robert Shapiro two of O.J.’s many defense attorneys and District Attorney Gil Garcetti, head of the District Attorneys Office of Los Angeles at the time of the trial.


    In 1980…   After working in the court system for 13 years I was transferred from downtown Los Angeles to a branch court to replace another court clerk because he had supposedly killed himself after he was caught stealing money.


    It was here where Attorney “X” showed up in my courtroom and paid for one ticket with a check then “FIXED” over thirty more tickets.  All the tickets were written to another person by the name of Dabir Shams. Attorney “X” is one of the three attorneys I mentioned above.


    The documents that I managed to copy while working in that courtroom should be of interest to you as they strongly suggest that I am telling the truth about all the corruption that was going on in there.


    The documents are only a very small fraction of the actual total; it was very difficult to get any copies at all.  I had no copy machine in the courtroom, my desk was located right next to the judge’s bench and the bailiff was almost always present in the courtroom.


    I don’t mean to imply that all attorneys and judges are bad.  I’m referring to the attorneys who couldn’t care less about their clients.  These are the ones who are sacrificing their client’s best interests in the pursuit of the almighty dollar.  These are the ones who do more than bend, twist and distort the law.  They break it.


    Every time I was ready to turn them in to the authorities I began to have second thoughts.  I knew I was about to open the proverbial can of worms and once I did there would be no turning back.


    I would practice what I would say to the FBI for hours then start dialing the phone number.  Just before the phone rang I would hang up.  Sometimes I would start drinking vodka to get my nerve up but that didn’t work either, I gave up more times than I can count.


    Eventually, after the home computer and the Internet came into being I wrote the following letter.  I have changed it slightly from time to time and I intended to send it via email to several organizations simultaneously so that I could not be ignored. 


    I scanned the letter and copies of the evidence/documents into my computer.  I still have them and the originals.  They are only a fraction of the actual number of traffic tickets that were fixed.  They are photo copies of the tickets, defendant’s names, forged traffic school completion forms, and many other documents supporting the allegations I was going to make.  The letter went something like this...


    Dear Sir,

    My name is Gary Kramer.  I worked at the Los Angeles Municipal court from 1968 to 1981.  The last eight years as a court clerk in several courtrooms.  I am sending this letter to the FBI, the U.S. Department of Justice, Mr. Steve Cooley of the LA District Attorneys Office and the California State Assembly speaker Bob Hertzberg.  This is the only way I feel reasonably sure something will be done about a serious matter pertaining to corruption in the Los Angeles criminal justice system.

    It had been my experience that the criminal violations I relate to are not just rare exceptions to the rule but occurred frequently and seemed at times to be done almost routinely during the normal course of business. 

    In 1981, I managed to get myself arrested {in that same courtroom} for making false entries in the court record.  After months of giving a defendant found guilty of drunk driving numerous extensions on paying his fine and getting nowhere, I entered in the court records that he had completed community service instead of paying the balance of his fine when in fact he had done neither.

    I had told him a month earlier that if he didn’t have all the money the next time he came to court, I would take care of it.  I also told him once I did; no one ever looks at the docket sheet again.  I asked him if he knew what I meant, he said he did.

    I found out later that he thought I might be setting a trap for him and went to his public defender who in turn took him to the District Attorneys Office and they set me up.  They sent him to me wired for sound.  I was guilty and I wanted to plead guilty to get it over with as soon as possible so I attempted to make a plea bargain with the District Attorneys Office.

    I had heard stories about Courthouse employees getting caught stealing money or doing something they shouldn’t have in the past and that many times they were just told to quit or be fired or in some cases they would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They usually quit but when something like that gets outside the courthouse walls, it gets filed as a criminal case.  At about the same time, according to the Metropolitan News the occupation of “judge” ranked number one on the list of corrupt occupations. 

    I had been an eyewitness to a well organized group of judges committing felony criminal violations including obstruction of justice, conspiracy to obstruct justice and other felony violations committed on numerous occasions.  Also involved were many attorneys, a police officer, a person from the Governors office and many others.  I had documented proof of my allegations and I was willing to testify against them.

    On an almost routine basis the judges were fixing “dismissing the tickets or suspending the fines” on tickets so the defendants wouldn’t have to pay their fines.   To make matters worse, they were doing it without the defendants even having to come to court.  They were also manufacturing forged traffic school completion forms for the defendants in order to avoid having the violations placed on their records.

    The District Attorney’s Office chose to decline my offer.  They did nothing about investigating, prosecuting or bringing to justice these corrupt judges, attorneys and many others who were involved.

    I had and still have documents to support my allegations.  They could have cleansed the judicial system of all of us in one fell swoop.

    I had shown my attorney Mr. “M” the documents I am including with this letter at the time I retained him.  He asked that I exclude one of the judges from my allegations because that judge was a friend of his and a good person.  I figured I had more than enough evidence and I wanted to stay on the good side of my attorney so I told him it was ok with me.  I told him I would plead guilty on one condition, that I get no jail time.

    On the day I was supposed to have my preliminary hearing.  I was outside the courtroom waiting in the hallway with a friend of mine when Mr. M came out and told me they [the district attorneys office] could not locate the defendant for whom I committed the crime.  He had disappeared.

    They were going to be forced to dismiss the case but if the defendant showed up within the next five years they would re-file the case against me.  I hadn’t even thought about that option and didn’t know what to do.

    I didn’t want that hanging over my head for five years on the other hand I knew it was possible for me to go to prison for up to 16 years.  I was beside myself.

    Mr. “M” added that the district attorney was willing to let me plead guilty to the charge as a felony and after I completed my sentence I could come back to court, have the charge reduced to a misdemeanor and have my record expunged.  He then told me that he, Mr. M, could also pick the judge that I would be sent to for sentencing.

    I accepted the deal and a few weeks later I plead guilty to section 6201 of the government code, “making false entries in public documents”.

    I was sentenced to 1 year probation, one year in jail,  suspended, 500 hours of community service, 50 hours going around giving speeches to other court clerks about what I had done and advise them to not follow in my footsteps.  Of course, I also lost my job, my reputation and my future looked very bleak.

    Most of my allegations are founded on the fact that judge “S” was fixing tickets on a wholesale basis for attorneys, friends, judges and others.  I have a record of 86 fixed tickets in a little over a year’s time [January 1980 to April, 1981].  This number is only a small fraction of the actual amount because it was usually very difficult for me to document ticket numbers and other pertinent information.

    Because of precisely this kind of behavior, there was a county wide policy that only specific courtrooms were allowed to handle traffic tickets.

    The court I was in was a misdemeanor trial court and normally forbidden to handle traffic tickets unless they were transferred into our court through normal channels which was very infrequent.

    The tickets in question were sometimes brought into court by the bailiff Marshal “D” or they appeared out of nowhere after judge “S” returned from lunch with an attorney or friend.  Marshall “D” once told me that there was “nothing judge “S” could not fix”.  You certainly should to talk to Marshal “D”.

    Sometimes an attorney or friend of judge “S” would bring them into court themselves and the tickets could be theirs or someone else’s.  The defendant almost never appeared in open court.  Most of the tickets were dismissed; some received a suspended sentence and some were sentenced to traffic school.  None attended traffic school.  Instead, they were provided fake “traffic school completion forms”.  I can remember only one time a fine was actually paid.

    Working in tandem with judge “S” was judge “A”.  He sent at least one ticket to be fixed by judge “S”, and as far as I know, his part of the conspiracy was to mail counterfeit “traffic school completion forms” for a ticket being fixed for someone else.

    The falsified forms would always come in a branch court personalized envelope addressed to judge “S” marked personal.  I say counterfeit because this is not normal and I have never heard of this being done elsewhere.  Also, in some instances the form would arrive in our court at the same time or even before a ticket arrived that was to be fixed.  All of these forms were from the same place.  I checked with the college at some point in time but the program no longer existed.  It probably never did?

    I kept records and made copies of some of these transactions for about a year as I approached the end of my career with the Municipal Court.  I guess it was because of the increase in volume and frequency with which these things were happening.

    I once was told by a superior to keep records of incidences that seemed suspicious (illegal) to protect myself.  It was the unwritten policy in the clerk’s office to look the other way.  No one wanted to hear about these kinds of things even though legally it is part of everyone’s responsibilities to keep management of the court appraised of any situations that arise that are inconsistent with normal procedure.

    My allegations and the enclosed copies of documents and ticket numbers I saved are only the tip of the iceberg.  I usually could not copy many of the tickets or documents because the bailiff would take them to the clerk’s office for processing almost immediately after the judge had disposed of them in chambers.

    Disposing of them in chambers was never supposed to be done in the normal course of business in any courtroom under any circumstances.  Sometimes the tickets would come in the U.S. mail to the courtroom addressed to the judge; sometimes they were hand carried in by an attorney for himself or for a client or a friend.  Sometimes I had no idea where they came from.

    After they were disposed of in chambers, the bailiff, Marshal “D” would usually hand carry them to my desk which was located in the courtroom next to the judge’s bench I would stamp our courtroom number, the judge’s name, the date, and Marshal “D” would take them to the courthouse office for processing.  Occasionally, he would stamp the tickets himself.  Sometimes I got the opportunity to jot the ticket numbers down and a little other information before they were taken away.  The ticket numbers are probably useless because of their age but I have the names of the defendants on some of them and those people after questioning may tell the truth.

    There are also copies of the counterfeit traffic school completion forms” enclosed.  The person in charge of the school or someone who worked there must have known Judge “A”.

    Any Municipal Court office personnel in the courthouse from that time period you might be able to track down could prove to be helpful.  Practically everyone knew what was going on.  In fact, ticket fixing happened in a lot of courts throughout the Los Angeles Municipal Court system.  Everyone just seemed to look the other way.

    Enclosed are also a ticket number and a copy of judge “S”s personalized court envelope that was sent to a judge “B.”

    I also enclosed a copy of a couple of 987.2 of the Penal Code payment forms for an attorney that also had three tickets fixed.  The amount of money judge “S” paid to him for two felony preliminary hearings seemed very high to me at the time because there was a hourly rate established for certain tasks.  I am not sure about this anymore.

    These are very powerful and influential people.  I’m sure it will be difficult to get anyone to tell the truth, I assume you already know that.  Good luck!

    I am extremely upset and nervous about this whole thing.  I have been treated twice for anxiety and depression by a psychiatrist.

    The first time for about a year when these events happened and again in 1990 for two years after being exposed to asbestos through my employer’s, the City of El Segundo, negligence followed by their denial, indifference and cover-up.  This second nightmare helped to make up my mind to get out of Los Angeles and move to the country, which I did.

    I expect that I will have my character and integrity attacked for the next few years and it’s possible that I will lose my house and everything I own.  If you are interested in pursing this matter, I want to make it clear I insist on taking a polygraph test before going any further.  I think it is best for all concerned.


    Well, I backed out again and didn't send it. 


    Now, here I am with a book almost three decades later and it’s now or never.


    If you are interested in doing a piece about my story, please send me an email at:


    bronco95540@yahoo.com  or call me at 707 725-3228


    The following is a list of the documents I was able to copy.  I redacted all text that might reveal the persons involved.  I don’t think the names are important and the deeds speak for themselves.  I really don’t want to hurt anyone, that is not my intention but if I have to defend myself, the bleep will definitely hit the fan.


    1.      A letter dated 12-23-80, from Superior Court Commissioner #### #### on his personal court stationary with the court seal to Municipal Court judge #### #### of #### #### ####.   The letter is dated one day after judge #### fixed a ticket, number #### on 12-22-80 for him.

    2.      Same letter as # 1, with my notes from 1980 attached.

    3.      A declaration under 170.6 ccp [declaration of prejudice] against a Commissioner #### in #### #### #### #### Court who was doing traffic ticket cases.  This enabled the case in question to be heard in judge #### #### courtroom and a ticket, number ####, to be fixed.  The Attorney for the defendant was a Mr. Robert ####.  I was told Mr. #### was on Governor Brown’s staff at the time.

    4.      #### #### #### Municipal Court personal stationary envelope from judge #### #### and addressed to a judge #### #### at #### #### Municipal Court.  Also my note showing the ticket number and license number of a ticket judge #### sent to judge #### to be fixed.  I saw the ticket on 2-10-81 and the envelope went out on 2-11-81.  Some time later, judge #### would be found guilty of fixing #### #### #### 

    5.      withdrawn

    6.      Fake traffic school completion form dated 1-3-81, sent to judge #### ####. From judge #### #### of #### Superior Court. There is a written note of mine on it showing a ticket number and the defendant’s name.  The defendant was judge #### father, Ex-judge #### ####, Sr. [####, Sr. used to be a superior court judge at one time].

    7.      #### Superior Court personal stationary envelope sent to judge #### ####, Jr. that contained a fake traffic school completion form for a defendant #### #### maybe spelled ####?

    8.      Fake traffic school completion form for defendant #### ####, dated 4-4-81, that came in # 7 envelope.  The date on traffic school completion form was 9 days before the ticket was in court to be fixed!  That is bleeping impossible!

    9.      #### Superior Court personal stationary envelope from judge #### #### to judge #### #### Jr. postmarked 4-30-81.  It contained two fake traffic school completion forms for a defendant #### #### and also for a #### ####

    10.  Fake traffic school completion form for defendant #### #### dated 5-2-81 [2 days after the postmark date on the envelope shown in # 9]

    11.  Fake traffic school completion form for defendant #### #### dated 5-2-81 [2 days after the postmark date on the envelope shown in # 9]

    12.  Ticket [####] sent to judge #### ####, Jr. from judge #### #### to be fixed, defendant’s name #### #### ####.

    13.  Fake traffic school completion form sent from judge #### along with ticket in exhibit 12

    14.  Ticket number #### fixed for attorney #### ####, 4-16-81

    15.  List of many fixed ticket numbers, dates, and defendant’s names or person who brought tickets in to be fixed.  This includes numerous tickets for attorney #### ####.

    16.  List of fixed ticket numbers, dates and defendant’s name or person who brought tickets in to be fixed.  Also list of the fake traffic school completion forms

    17.  List of fixed ticket numbers, dates and defendant’s name or person who brought tickets in to be fixed

    18.  More fixed tickets as in exhibits 15, 16, and 17.  Also the case numbers of two suspicious court appointed attorney fee requests paid by the court after being signed and authorized by judge #### ####, Jr. to attorney #### ####, his friend. These were only preliminary hearings not trials and judge #### was not the judge that appointed counsel nor did he preside over the preliminary hearings. Mr. #### was paid almost $8,000.  I was present for hundreds of preliminary hearings in my time and these fees seemed very high to me at that time.  This was in 1980.  Judge #### also fixed two tickets for Mr. #### listed on exhibit 15

    19.  through 29. Copies of the Declaration and Order in reference to court appointed attorney’s fees pursuant to penal code section 987.2 

    30.    Letter of gratitude/gratuities


    My book was posted on amazon.com April 28th 2009.  The Title is "INJUSTICE FOR ALL" by Gary Kramer.  As you look at the cover you’ll see a cartoon type picture on the front cover.  The mad Hatter, the rabbit and the mouse represent one of the main themes of the book, craziness.  The officer had pissed off the judge on her way to work one morning by admonishing her for honking her horn repeatedly at the driver of the car in front of her.  The driver had stopped for a pedestrian crossing the street, as he should have.  Later, she ordered the officer to appear without delay in our courtroom for a lecture!

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