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    Posted May 1, 2009 by
    Kansas City, Missouri
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    Stimulus thoughts: What you'd fix first

    Let's Have A Discussion Of The Issues We're Confronting


    Healthcare Reform

    Require all corporations/organizations to set aside a certain percentage of their revenue and provide healthcare for all citizens.  In other words, an entity would have to set aside an exact percentage of its revenue in a given year for healthcare.  The money would be paid into a special fund regardless if they went over/under that percentage.  As a result, companies could plan and account for healthcare expenses rather than play a guessing game that they are doing right now.  The corporate tax percentage currently being incurred by a company would then be reduced by that exact percentage.  Therefore, there would not be any negative impact to any company if this plan were adopted.  All healthcare expenses above that percentage would be covered by our federal government (For the most part they are doing it now).   Our government would be able to afford this expense by having a 1 or 1 1/2% federal tax on anything sold in the US (Similar to what is being done in Great Britain in order to offset all of the products being made in China and elsewhere and exported for sale in the US).

    By establishing this type of plan, corporations would discriminate less of people aged 50 and older.

    National ID Card

    In order to offer such a plan, every citizen in the US would have to be issued a National ID Card.  When you enroll in a college or join a company you are currently required to have an I.D. card.  On each card, the citizen’s picture and fingerprint would appear.  Not only would this system help government in planning and managing our resources, but it is necessary for actuarial purposes so that we know exactly what to do with Social Security, Medicare, and immigration.  Furthermore, it will also make it easier for our government to reduce crime and manage our borders (20% of prison inmates are illegal aliens).  This type of card (Without the fingerprint) is currently being offered in Michigan.  However, there will have to be three requirements to implementing such a plan:

    1) In order to be recognized as a citizen, certain requirements will have to be placed on an individual, such as a time-period of residency.

    2) If a person is found not to be a citizen, a panel of township citizens closest to them will decide on a case by case basis what should be done with that individual.  Not only will this make sure that all illegal immigrants abide by our laws, but it will also mainstream them into our society (i.e. Speaking English), and put a lot of people to work.

    3) A review of all police departments nationwide will be undertaken to make sure they are following best practices, policies and procedures, and to ensure they are using the best technology available.  This review will reduce the number of innocent people from being prosecuted.

    CEO Pay

    The SEC and all of our major corporations have to establish a set of guidelines for Company Executive Pay.  Today, CEOs are being overly compensated and in too many cases are compensated by keeping their corporate payroll to a minimum.  As a result, people in many instances are being laid off not because of their productivity, but because of poor Senior Management Decisions and potential health care liability.  I recommend that a CEO be compensated more in company stock then with a multi-million dollar salary and bonus.

    School Choice


    School Choice should be made available to everyone (Particularly in the state of Missouri).  As a result, failing schools like we have seen in Kansas City and other areas will not be tolerated.  So, everyone would be held more accountable for a better education system (School Officials & Teachers, Parents, and Students).  For children of a certain age, a voucher should be issued to each family that would allow children to attend a school of their choice (Including Home-Schooling).  Although this idea appears to be insurmountable, it will actually be very easy to achieve.  By having a National ID card in place (Mentioned Above), we will know how many students have to be educated.  We could then establish criteria of what has to be learned – and at what age.  In this way, we can make sure our economy is producing the necessary number of doctors, engineers, and whatever profession you would like to name to fulfill our society requirements.  It will also give everyone a “Seat-At-The-Table” so that a person does not have to move into a rich neighborhood in order to get a quality education.  In some areas of the country, such as Washington, DC we're paying way too much to educate a student - $16,000 and getting very poor results as a consequence.  By offering School Choice we would actually make our public school system stronger.  In addition, funds will be made available so that each citizen will be able to attend a college or vocational training school if they so desire.  (The reasoning for this is simple – if our government is willing to pay for a child if they fail a grade and have to repeat it, we should also be willing to invest in and advance a person’s career so that each citizen doesn’t have to accumulate massive debt.)  Government would then work with Colleges/Universities so that individuals would not have to pay more than 10% of a family’s total earned income per year in order to get a Bachelor or Master’s degree (i.e. what is currently being proposed at Harvard University).


    Energy Independence

    We should make massive investments in all energy sources available today, such as Nuclear, Wind, Clean-Coal, and fuel - that is not derived from oil.  I am opposed to “Cap-&-Trade”, because I believe that it is simply a tax.  I am in favor of offering an incentive for an individual or group to come up with an alternative energy source so that we can stop the transfer of our wealth to OPEC.  For example, if we can offer $25 Million for the capture of Osama Bin Laden, surely we can offer the same amount to someone to come up with the right formula for a synthetic oil to propel an engine or a machine.  Let’s encourage more individuals to be like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

    Also, to make sure gas is more affordable today, I would impose restrictions on the trading of oil futures and only allow fuel stations to change their prices once a week (Like NJ).

    Mark Memoly

    Kansas City

    Grandson of an immigrant who arrived broke and became a millionaire


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