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    Posted May 16, 2009 by
    Berkeley, California

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    Bevatron Site (Stop Stephen Chu)


    Operating from 1954 through 1993, the Bevatron (Bev = Billion Electron Volts) was the particle accelrator used in the discovery of the anti-proton, proof anti-matter is real.


    4 Noble Prizes in physics came out of research done with the Bevatron apparatus, housed in Building 51 at LBNL.


    Stephen Chu is leading the demoliton of the Bevatron, and of Building 51.  However he has failed, and so has the Obama administration, to answer ecological and safety concerns held by the citizens of Berkeley, as well as Berkeley City Counsel itself.


    The Demolition Plan has not been released to the public, and the timetable for the decontruction is not fully understood by the public.


    Ther are concerns as to Groundwater contamination prevention protocols.  The site is housing radiactive materials, as well as material containing asbestos, lead, mercury, and other hazerdous substances.  LBNL sits on a major watershed which leads into San Francisco Bay.


    During the early years of operation, there were several expolsions of tanks contraining liquid mercury.


    The walls surrounding the Bevatron are made of a concrete mixed with asbestos.  This technique creates a mixture that can safely absorb radiation.  There is no danger is the walls are intact.  However, when the walls are broken, particles holding radiation are released.


    Out of 4,700 truck loads of material and other debris, 2,700 will have material hazeroud to human and environmental health.  Despite this, the trucks are to travel pass UC Berkeley, down University through residential, business, and school zones.


    The Bevatron should not be demolished.  It should be reinforced and kept in place as to store all the materials safely.  The Bevatron was most recently a dry lab, as well as office space and storage.  It can be converted into a lecture hall, science museum, and lab for students.


    Stop Stephen Chu, stop the LBNL.  Save the Bevatron, and save Strawberry Canyon.


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