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    The federal incentives drive the system


    Title IV-D and Corruption
    “The federal incentives drive the system. The more divorces, and the higher the child-support guidelines are set and enforced (no matter how unreasonable), the more money the state bureaucracy collects from the feds. Follow the money. The less time that non-custodial parents (usually fathers) are permitted to be with their children, the more child support they must pay into the state fund, and the higher the federal bonus to the states for collecting the money. " - Phyllis Schlafly

    New Documentary Exposes Title IV-D and Family Court Corruption - Support? System Down

    **Be sure to watch the videos below.**

    Title IV-D and Michigan: Is Michigan a safe place to move your family? Is Michigan a family friendly state? Does the greed for Title IV-D federal incentives create a state that desires or encourages the outcome of a custodial and non-custodial parent? Why have other states passed “shared parenting” legislation yet Michigan, is still using child custody laws from the 1970s?

    Title IV-D and Corruption

    A perfect example of the state of Michigan destroying the life of an innocent man all for the greed for Title IV-D federal incentives. Robert Parker, Jr Case - Video - Flint Journal Article on the Robert Parker, Jr. case. We applaud the efforts of Robert Parker, Jr. in exposing the corruption of Title IV-D in the state of Michigan.

    Follow the money and you decide!

    Michigan has the largest number of families in Title IV-D per capita in the nation exceeding California by over 2 to 1.

    Michigan also has the largest ratio of Title IV-D cases per minor child in the nation. Surpassing California by 236 percent: 41.52% vs. 17.63%

    An excellent overview on Michigan and Title IV-D by the Family Rights Coalition

    A Child's Right strongly supports the work of Lary Holland and The Nationwide Blueprint for Title IV-D Reform

    Below are articles and videos on Title IV-D and the negative effects on families and children. We will attempt to update our list of articles and videos on a regular basis. Please contact us with any significant resources we may be missing. We would also suggest that you frequently check the blog by Michigan's Title IV-D expert Lary Holland.

    Title IV-D - Social Security Administration. Scroll down and look for Part D

    Congressional Research Services Reports (CRS) on Title IV-D Child Support

    History of Child Support (Title IV-D) in the U.S.

    Summary of Title IV-D Funding and Incentives to Create Non-Custodial Parents

    Why you should support reform of Title IV-D

    Articles on Title IV-D

    “Welfare for the Affluent” by the Center for Parental Responsibility (CPR)
    “How federal welfare funding drives judicial discretion in child-custody determinations and domestic relations matters” by Lary Holland and Jason Bottomley
    “Federal Incentives Make Children Fatherless” by Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum
    "From Welfare State to Police State" by Dr. Stephen Baskerville
    Committee on Ways and Means- Statement of Keith McLeod “Thank you for the opportunity to address the Committee on Ways and Means about waste, fraud, and abuse. The waste and abuse I wish to raise is child support enforcement, per Title IV-D of the Social Securities Act, administered by the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).” Full Statement
    Britain Scraps Child Support Agency by David R. Usher
    “Repeal the Bradley Amendment” by Phyllis Schlafly
    “Child Support and the Marriage Question” by Stephen Baskerville
    “The Price Some Reservists Have To Pay” by Phyllis Schlafly
    “Divorced From Reality on Child Support” by Dianna Thompson and Glenn Sacks
    “Federal Title IV-D: A Case Study of a Migratory Pattern of Incentivus federalis perversus” by Jim Loose
    "The Multiple Scandals of CHILD SUPPORT" by K.C. Wilson
    “Child Support at a Crossroads: When the Real World Intrudes Upon Academics and Advocates” by Ronald K. Henry
    "When Child Support Is Due, Even the Poor Find Little Mercy" by Leslie Kaufman
    “New Study Shows Child Support Guidelines in Need of Reform” by Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks
    “It's Child Support Guidelines that Need Surgery, Not 'Deadbeat Dads'” by Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks
    “Not the Era of the Deadbeat Dad but the Era of the Hero Father” by Jeffery M Leving and Glenn Sacks
    “Federal Child Support Enforcement Cuts Will Hurt Bureaucrats, not Children” by Jeffery M. Leving and Glenn Sacks
    "New Court Targets Federal Money Not Delays" by Lary Holland
    "Title IV-D Employee Embezzles Quarter of Million in Child Support Enforcement Money" by Lary Holland
    "Child Support Programs Lack Accountability Nationwide (Title IV-D Fails Needy)" by Lary Holland
    "The Failure of Family Policy" by Dr. Stephen Baskerville

    Videos on Title IV-D

    Carol Rhodes - Former Friend of the Court Officer - Blows the whistle on the corruption within the Title IV-D system and the Michigan Friend of the Court.

    Corruption - Support? The Movie

    Divorce is Ugly Business - Support? The Movie

    Lary Holland Barry County Michigan Equal Parenting Symposium

    Lary Holland Studio 1714 Interview

    Minister Ronald Smith on Title IV-D

    Ron Paul on Title IV-D

    “Instead of the easy fiction that massive numbers of fathers are suddenly and inexplicably abandoning their children, perhaps what we should believe instead is that a lucrative racket now is cynically using our children as weapons and tools to enrich lawyers and provide employment for judges and bureaucrats. Rather than pursuing ever greater numbers of fathers with ever more Draconian punishments, the Justice Department should be investigating the kind of crimes it was created to pursue — such as kidnapping, extortion and racketeering — in the nation's family courts.” - Dr. Stephen Baskerville, PhD.

    “I worked in the hell hole called child support for almost 6 years. I thought I was going to die. It was the most frustrating, sad, depressing, hideous job I have EVER had in my life. When I quit, I told them I had received a more lucrative offer from a sweatshop in Calcutta. I still have friends there and things have not changed in the 2 years since I left. I had a letter hand delivered to Greg Abbott outlining the problems -- double dipping from two jobs, overcharging non custodial parents, defaulting people when they were not served, intercepting tax refunds illegally and my personal favorite; garnishing the savings accounts of two children, basically forcing them to pay their own child support! The FIDM unit thought it was FUNNY. I failed to see the humor.” Melissa Puntenney - Former Paralegal for Attorney General’s office (TX)

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