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    Posted May 31, 2009 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Is the Sun Getting Brighter and Hotter?


    The sun, these days seems so bright, you can't look at it even for a second without your eyes getting watery. Yes, I'm getting older and my eyes aren't what they used to be. I've asked friends what they think. Many agreed.


    When I was younger, in the 1970s, the sun appeared to be yellowish orange. Now it looks bright white. When my arm's out the window of my car, it can feel the heat much more than ever before.


    Is this because we've had a reduction of ozone  that naturally blocked the sunlight. Or is it because the sun has changed?  There was an experiment that involved a 5th grade class. Here's what was found:


    "In 1999, a class of 5th graders were asked to color the sun. Everyone  made it yellow... Well, another teacher asked the same question of her 5th grade class (as an experiment) in 2008, and almost all of the students colored a white sun. "


    I did some Googling and found others that agree.


    "Not sure about the "larger" part, but the "color" of the sun seems to have changed; to me anyhow.

    It used to be more warm, more golden, or yellow..

    Now it is more white, and it hurts the eyes to come even close to looking at it..

    And I don't think that is just because I am getting to be an old fart either..lol.

    Funny, cuz a "report" recently said the sun was less bright... and to me it is opposite .. MORE bright. "


    If this is the case, could it be the reason why we have melting icecaps and glaciers? A warmer climate leads to much more precipitation. Here in the Northern NY area, it's rained so much as elsewhere so far this Spring..It's beginning to look like the Summer of 1990.


    I'm familiar with the solar cycles..Can't be dismissed to that.


    Have you noticed how much brighter the sun seems even in the Winter this year?

    I'd be curious to hear your observations.

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