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    Couples on same-sex marriage

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    How Not To Be Gay In America


    And Be Content With A Civil Union..(or move to Iran)
    Defensive posturing, why ?
    You have no right to claim a seat on the civil rights wagon.  (the latest fad of the day, save a seat for the pets, there next in line)
    More to the point here.  Never have I witness a group, who claims discrimination, invite such discrimination, by their very actions and attitudes.
    The examples set forth by the gay community and their  heterosexual supporters demonstrate a very disturbing trend.   The refusal to take any responsibility for their choice.  The willingness to ignore the miss-information spread within the gay community that poisons the minds of young people.
    That struggle with such identity crisis, and to simply pass it off as something they where born as.
    They afford no courtesy and use the martyr mantra to justify there immature behavior,  by unwarranted attacks when counter view points that have legitimate and sound reasoning to back them, and simply not fabrication and junk science.
    You ask society, which I am part of to afford you the right to exsist peacefully.  You ask for acceptance.  I accept your choice.  I do not respect it however.  But you have the right to the pursuit grated to all citizens.
    Marraige is well define in the constition.  And hate crimes are enforced.  I would strongly urge the gay community and their supporters to get their act together and regroup.  I am only one voice in society, but you have loss it's respect.

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