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    Austin, Texas
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    African perspectives on black America

    African Americans Love Africa and Africans.


    Like some of my African brothers and sisters have pointed out, perception is not always reality. I came to the United States 4 years and some months ago with a DV lottery [Green Card]. Because some of us Africans that came to America as immigrants were living at least a decent life before we came over, we assume all Americans should see us that way. That is not true. Most of media coverage about Africa is all about hunger, diseases and wars. So what do you expect? People are curious and just want to know. So calm down and educate them as much as you can. During my first year I went through in my work place what almost all Africans face from accent, questions about meeting face to face with animals in bushes to living in trees from different races including African Americans. I felt the same way like every other person, frustrated on how people assume life in Africa.  I felt like some other people pointed out that maybe African Americans do not like Africans. Mine was even a little different because I have traveled almost all parts of the world. And I was just doing great before I came over. I speak English, an African language, German and Chinese but I still face the same daily questions.

    But the whole perception changed when I met my now wife four years ago an African American. To cut the whole story short, she is the most graceful woman you can ever imagine. The first day we met in a grocery store she told me she wanted to adopt a child from African but she cannot yet afford that with all honesty and sincerity. She was 21 years old then. We learnt sincerely from each other about the differences in culture. African Americans love Africa and Africans. If you are friendly with people, people will be friendly with you. I have never seen any African American that does not like me because I have an accent of because I am an African. All my in-laws and their friends like me. Talk to people, stop showing ugly face, and don’t be shy about your accent.  In fact my accent is my greatest asset. Everybody came to our wedding. As you can see on the picture we changed from the western dress to an African dress during the wedding and it was wonderful. Everybody both Whites, Asian, Hispanics, African American and Africans danced to African music all night through. I am sorry I cannot share the video here because of the privacy of some of my guests but it is one of the most wonderful pictures one should love to see. We spent our honeymoon in China, now have a 10months baby boy [Emeka Jr.]. My wife calls my family always and my parents love her beyond my imagination. We are just doing great.

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