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    Posted June 14, 2009 by
    Valdosta, Georgia
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    Black in America: Hair-story

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    Since before I was a teenager I've kept my hair cut low, and brushed it. I don't consider myself to have really wavy hair, but I do have waves. I admit that when I was young, I use to put grease in my hair, but as I grew older, I stopped using grease because I saw that I didn't need grease to get waves . All I needed to do was just brush my hair (and I didn't have to brush my hair for hours).


    As a young adult in college and now as a man in my late thirties I have to say that some African Americans are too caught up with "good hair".  What I've noticed from my own experience is that if you're dark skin and appear to have some type of "good hair", people will make rude and ignorant comments.


    I don't feel as thought I have been harassed by these comments, but I do hear them occasionally. These comments usually come after I have cut my hair, after not having done so in a few weeks (I don't know why, but when I cut my hair after not cutting it for let's  say, a month, my hair has more waves than If I cut it every 2 weeks).


    Here are some of the comments that have been made about my hair:


    - Do you have an S curl?
    - That's bama
    - Eeeeuh
    - Waves are out of style
    - You need to wash that out.
    - Juice and berries


    Blacks are not the only ones who make these comments about my hair. Once after leaving a room that only included me and two white guys. I over heard one of them tell the other, "Man, he's wearing the Pro-Line". This comment was definitely one of the ones that ticked me off. I know enough about my family history and black history to know that Blacks have a wide variety of hair textures.

    I believe that a lot of this silliness over "good hair" points to a low self esteem issue for some African Americans.


    In the news


    Chris Rock recently released "Good Hair", a documentary that took two years to make.


    What is Good Hair?

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