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    Los Angeles, California

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    Taxation Without Competent Representation is Very Real in the Black Community!


    Esther M. Lofton

    (Address Omitted for Privacy)

    Los Angeles, California


    Mr. Mark Ridley-Thomas, Senator (26th District)


    Office of the Senator

    700 State Drive

    Los Angeles, CA 90037

    (U.S. Certified mail # 7006 2150 0001 3689 3706)



    Mr. Bernard C. Parks, Councilman 8th District


    City of Los Angeles

    City Hall 200 N. Spring Street

    Los Angeles, CA 90012

    September 16, 2008


    RE: ARTICLE I, Sections 1, 26, 28 et seq., CC

    Dear Senator Ridley-Thomas:

    This petition is forwarded to you in your capacity as my state senator and because of the fact you are presently vying for the office of Supervisor for the Second District, County of Los Angeles, an office endowing you with all powers (executive, legislative and judicial) and also the district wherein I reside. The fundamental responsibility of government to its people is stated in Section 1 of the article cited in RE above which for a man with less than independent means demands he has the right to gainful employment, a responsibility that has been unmet by any and all representation to black descendants of slaves for more than one hundred forty-seven years (147 years)-that is until the filing of case # C895 188: Leon E. Lofton Jr., et al. vs. School Board of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), Superior Court of Los Angeles.


    Leon E. Lofton Jr. (01-16-18 to 07-16-03) an honorably discharged, disabled American combat infantry veteran of a foreign war sacrificed abroad and at home for GOD created rights denied to him and to his family despite the provisions of ARTICLE I, Section 26. Even though you presently lack executive power but still are under oath to protect and preserve the Constitution of the State of California I enclose herein for your perusal a complete and exact copy of the JOINT PRETRIAL STATEMENT, case #C 895188.

    Sincerely yours,

    Esther M. Lofton

    1 copy sent certified; one copy sent by 1 st class mail.

    Cc: The Honorable J. Stephen Czuleger, Presiding Judge, Superior Court of California for Los Angeles, 111 N. Hill Street; Los Angeles, CA 90012.


    As a long standing taxpaying residents of the Los Angeles City 10th District, Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson, nor 2nd District Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, President Barack Obama have responded to petitions for redress detailing serious atrocities of government that violate the lawful rights of law abiding Black men, women, and/or their siblings, specifically, Mrs. and Mrs. Leon E. Lofton, Jr., family, Los Angeles Superior Court Case #C 895188, Mr. Carl Steadman (Theft by Court) who resides in and is a taxpaying resident of the Los Angeles 8th District, and I, Michael Lofton, Los Angeles Superior Court Case #BC 385899, etc.

    I’m also a tax paying resident of the 33rd Congressional District.

    ….and speaking of 33 rd Congressional District, Sell Out Congresswoman Diane Watson, which is typical of far too many elected Black leaders who have no regard or duty to honor his or her sworn oath to protect the lawful rights of law abiding U.S. born Black people, who have been egregiously violated by government, etc

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