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    Los Angeles, California

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    Soledad Obrien, CNN, Must Include Both Sides of the Issue of Being Black in the U.S.!


    Hopefully, Soleday Obrien, CNN's "Black in America 2", will include factual information from both perspectives, meaning success stories, and other areas in need of improvement, such as the need for true leadership in the Black community!

    Without this, indeed CNN's "Black in America 2", will not be on the level with the reality of what it means to be Black in America.

    .......and with help of misfits like DA Kamala Harris, President Barack Obama, and/or other prominent individuals or treasonous Black leaders, numerous truly criminal illegal immigrants will have their criminal records expunged, and/or be given a free pass to U.S. citizenship, by none other than our own misfit university educated Black leaders, etc.

    There are good Black people, from all walks of life, as well as misfits and treasonous individuals, from the low level of life in the trenches, all the way up to the level of a no good President Barack Obama.

    More so than not, the negatives are associated with low level street thugs, gang members such as the “Crips and the Bloods” and the positives with prominent individuals, which is not an accurate assessment of life in the Black community.  Even the gang members deserve praise.

    Mind you, a few years back, prior to or around the period of the 1992 LA Riot, when South Central Los Angeles and Compton, CA, were predominately Black communities, when the “skin heads” threatened to come into this area to indiscriminately kill Black people, it is the “Crips and the Bloods” who stood tall as men to stop the threat or any actual aggression on the part of “racist skin heads” to kill members of the Black community in Watts, South Central Los Angeles, Compton, and beyond…….

    …… and not any Black elected leaders, the so-called Black middleclass, the so-called Black affluent, the so-called Black university educated, the so-called prominent First AME (FAME) church, formerly headed by Reverend Cecil “Chip” Murray, or any of these no good poverty pimping jack leg Black preachers.

    Negative, unethical, sometimes criminal, and disgraceful demeanor can also be associated with "white collar" Black university educated individuals, the so-called Black middleclass, the so-called affluent and well connected, who live in the suburbs, such as a “Sugar Hill”, "Fox Hills", "Baldwin Hills", Palisades, etc., who betray law abiding Black people......

    ........and by the same token positive constructive accomplishments can be associated with relatively "unknown" truly law abiding and ethical rank and file "blue collar working" U.S. born Black men, women, and/or their siblings, who reside in the "Hood", Ghetto, inner-city, etc!

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