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    San Marcos, California
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    Jon & Kate…not lookin’ so great.


    Today was a rarity.  I came down from painting and picked up the craptop to start ordering all of MJ’s birthday party stuff [yeah, very late because the party is this Saturday and it's gonna cost me $24.99 to ship it all].  Anyway, I decided to flip channels and came across Transporter 2.  Nice.  But a commercial break was on.  I’m impatient [very!] and I hate commercials [a lot].  So, I continued flipping.  Click, click, click…oh…Jon & Kate, plus 8!  Hummm…I’ve been reading so much, what the hell, why not.  [click!]


    Admittedly, I am a bit curious, amidst all this controversy.  All this betrayal.  Chicks, bodyguards, money. How can you not be somewhat interested?  But then I started thinking, is it really about adultery?  How will it play out?  How will it affect he kids?  Will the show be “real”?  Mostly I wanted to see if they [meaning Jon and Kate] would be really, REAL [if you get my drift].  So, I watched, not one, but two episodes.


    Mind you, we haven’t seen this show since the sextuplets were 2 or 3, so this was a definite eye opener.  Man!  the monetary transformation these folks have made is tremendous!  In simpler terms, they are rollin’ in the dough, dude!  They have a huge house now, a bus [with a driver], Jon quit his job and is home with the kids and Kate is now the breadwinner [and a big one at that].  Not to mention the babies are now 5 and aren’t looking quite so frail.  They actually look like regular ol’ kids.  I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from any other kinder kid.  In fact, they’re rather resilient and mature, so they seem to be doing quite well.


    What I did notice, which was no different than what I remembered, was Kate finishing everyone’s sentence, actions, etc., and Jon standing around with his hands in his pockets.  The only difference now, seems to be the space apart they are on the couch.  It’s 9 inches as opposed to 3.


    Do I think they had affairs?  I don’t know, probably.  Or came very, very close.  I think that the “new” money they have has posed more problems than they ever dreamed.  Both parents appear to be away from the kids, and each other, more often than not.  They have the money to do more extravagant outings, which don’t appear to be together.  And because of the moolah and “pseudo stardom”, they attract a certain, how shall I say, groupie.  So, yeah, it’s highly possible that one or both of them has stepped out in their marriage.


    So now what?  Both of them continuously profess their love and devotion to the kids and desire to not have any of this affect them.  Wishful thinking, but whatever.  The audience will suck it up, and tune in next week.  But not to see the kids, the audience just wants to see how Jon and Kate are behaving. [as was I]  I want to see a fight…on TV.  Not avoidance.  I want drama.  Cold hard drama!  Some crying and anger.  Some realism.  This IS reality TV, right?  Now, if I get that, I might watch again.  Otherwise, no dice.


    I do hope they can work it out for the kids [we always say that when couples are on the brink.  It's the PC thing to say].  Me, personally, I think they will split….eventually.  And one of these three things will happen, either they will work it into the show, make a spinoff, ["Jon & Kate, Share 8"] or they will milk this avoidance thing for a year, call it quits and split the money 50/50.  Then Kate will write another book about the split, sell 20 more million copies, do more book tours and Jon will remarry [to some coed and have 2 more kids].  Happily ever after

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