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    SL6B Opens!!


    There has been great excitement and a lot of work for the 6th Birthday of Second Life. (called SL6B).  Preparation has been going on for a few weeks with a grand exhibition by SL residents.  The event was opened at 10am (PDT) on 23 June 2009 in SL, when creator Philip Rosedale took the floor to say a few words.  There had been website information given out to all the exhibitors in respect of a link to the opening event earlier in the day, but I decided to try to get across to the arena to see the real thing.



    Although I had been given access to the SL London site a couple of weeks ago, for some reason I was denied access prior to the opening time.  With this in mind I waited till the hour it was to start and tried to teleport over, only to be told that the sim was full.  I kept trying and then decided to see if I could get to a nearby sim, meeting many others who were trying to get to the main event as well.  Maybe they should have allowed access just to the people who had contributed to the exhibition, it seemed a bit unfair that these people could not get to hear the opening speech as they had put so much into making SL6B something to remember.  I asked people what they thought about being locked out and greeter Ribbons Whitfield said ‘we’re positive and excited to celebrate SL’s 6th birthday!’  I agree with Ribbons, who was doing a great job keeping us all happy, but it is a shame people wasted so much energy trying to get there, surely they could have put up screens in all the exhibition sims to show us Philip Rosedale talking. (perhaps there is a technical reason they couldn’t do this, if you know please tell me!).  Watching it outside SL somehow just isn’t the same.



    I decided to keep trying to get over to the main sim and I felt blessed when suddenly I managed to get there.  Although I had missed Philip Rosedale, I was lucky indeed, as I got right next to the stage to see top SL singer Mankind Tracer officially starting the entertainment for the opening.  Mankind is just so good!!  I have seen him a few times now and he just captures his audience, not only with his amazing voice, but also with his warm personality, which comes over very well in SL.  He started the show with a cover of Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’, which fitted the mood perfectly.  Mankind produced one great song after another and the audience were totally with him, well done Mankind, it was a fantastic performance for the celebrations.



    Later on I went over to one of the other sims, SL6B Quantum, to see a display set up by Mal Burns, Technology Internet Producer (avatar Malburns Writer), and his working partner Tara Yeats.  At the exhibit, MetaHub, Mal and Tara were shooting 60 second live films of people giving their opinion of the future of virtual worlds.  It says on Mal’s hovering sign ‘MetaWorld2, real virtualities, broadcasting and archiving the future of the metaverse’  I think Mal and Tara’s work will really take it’s place in 3D history, it will be so interesting for people to look back at these events in years to come, especially at the fast pace that internet technology changes.



    SL has reached its 6th Birthday and how things have altered in six short years!  From a basic idea by Philip Rosedale that people could communicate and make friends from all over the world and never be lonely again, to real life businesses, virtual businesses, media groups, Universities, Health and Science groups, plus Artists, photographers, sculptors and writers all using SL as a stage.  There may be other virtual worlds springing up all the time, but so far SL seems to be taking the lead, giving people exactly what they require to set up that second life.  Happy Birthday SL!




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