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    Posted June 25, 2009 by
    Tehran, Iran
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    Unrest in Iran

    Iran June 2009 Pictures


    To the admirably persistent staff at the Iran Desk,


    While initially travelling to simply visit my grandparents in Tehran, Iran, I have, by chance or a supreme twist of fate,  lived there for the past 10 days since the results of the Friday election, witnessing and hearing the voices and opinions of Mousavi supporters, longing for the freedom they've never known. In these 10 days, I've seen the best and worst in humanity, from the violence inflicted by Iranians onto their own people, to the silent protestors helping the same soldiers with batons who'd been wounded, or uniting to help one another. The few days in Iran was enough to take its effect upon me, my mother, and brother. I tried to capture the images I saw, unfortunately because I was afraid of the soldiers discovering me and taking my camera away, I couldn't get as clear or great a view as I saw in person. I have more pictures that I will send in another attachment, but these 10 are from my last day there around Meydooneh Enghalab, right by Tehran University, late in the afternoon. We witnessed the protests from our car as we left.


    Here is a quick description of the pictures:


    046: civilians (riot police) armed with batons lazily  waiting for action


    049: back of a basij police with pedestrians moving along ignoring them


    052: helmet armor of a basij


    053: basij in full


    054-056: profile of a guard's clothing. he turned his head to the side, unaware of my presence, when I took these


    057: more police on guard around the perimeter of Tehran University


    058: the black jeep in the background carries the armed basij to the protests. our car was parked there.


    061: more civilian guards on motorbikes. these all carry batons to strike at the protestors.


    I have been watching the videos and pictures coming straight from the sites of protests, but I hope these pictures are ok, and find you well. The Iranian people still come out on the streets despite the intimadating poses of the guards to silently protest, not for a revolution, but for reform. Though I was not in the midst of the protests, I was tear-gassed suddenly one afternoon, and have listened to accounts and opnions of friends and relatives. I met one man there during my stay who has attended every single protest since its inception. He is highly educated--a Tehran University graduate--and is an excellent source of information who can recall what he's witnessed thus far. Please let me know your direct Iran Desk phone number, so that I may let him know it for him to call you when he can.


    Despite the killings, the club beatings, people are still coming out in masses. They long for freedom they've never known. Being present there, I wish to share what I've seen with anyone who wishes to hear it. In addition to the pictures I'll upload, please let me know if there is anything more I can do. Thank you for your understanding.

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