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    Posted May 30, 2008 by
    North Bay, Ontario
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    The Clinton's awoke to the severed head of a horse in their bed today. A note attached said "It's time to stop horsing around " -Nancy P.



    Bill Clinton seemed amused about having a horse in his bed but Hillary was perplexed. "What could it mean Bill and who is Nancy P?" 



    "Don't worry your sweet little head about it Pumpkin" said the former President of the USA  " Its probably nothing"



    "I bet you it was Mr. Obama!" said Hillary. "No not his style" said Bill. At that point the phone rang. Bill checked his watch - it was 3 AM. He seemed confused and finally after four rings Hillary grabbed the phone. It was Nancy Pelosi.



    "Do you have anthing to tell me Hillary?" she said. "No" said Hillary. "Ok then" said Nancy and hung up. "who can Nancy P be then Bill? " Hillary asked. "Do you know any Nancy's" Bill became very quiet. " A few he said" Any with a last name starting with P? said Hillary. "Yes a few" said Bill.



    For the rest of the night they phoned all the Nancy's that Bill knew with names ending in P. By dawn they had phoned 46 of them but nobody knew anything about horse's head. Several where very happy to hear from Bill again. Some were not. 



    "I wonder what it all means Bill?" said Hillary. "I don't know" said Bill -maybe there are some chocolates inside the head. They looked. There weren't any. They made quite a mess on the sheets looking.



    The story does go on from here but I feel that what goes on in a bed is private and really we shouldn't pry too much into it.



    I didn't get to where I am today by prying into others affairs.



    But what could it all mean? The Horses Head?



    Very strange.



    Marcie M. Farsea -Corporate Secretary, Author



    Cub Reporter



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