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    Posted June 27, 2009 by
    Gnjilane, Kosovo, Serbia

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    Kosovo Genocide : NEW EVIDENCE


    Resource: http://www.novosti.rs/code/navigate.php?Id=3&status=jedna&vest=149398&title_add=Zverstva%20na%2012%20strana&kword_add=gnjilanska%20grupa

    High-school dorm in Gnjilane.


    Instead to have kids living there after NATO bombing, from it's school yard & basements horrifying screams of Serbs, Romas and other non-Albanians echoed day and night. They were sadistically tortured and killed by KLA members from so-called "Gnjilane group".

    Last Friday (2009.06.26.), War Crimes Tribunal raised indictments against 17 KLA members for these crimes.

    Continuous investigation showed that in this district, starting from June until September 1999, more than 150 civilians were tortured, at least brutally killed 52, and raped numerous women.

    Goal of this group was to force remaining Serbs and other non-Albanians in district Gnjilane to leave Kosovo and Metohija.

    Second accused KLA member Redzep Aliji ordered members of this KLA group to come to the school yard of this dorm in Gnjilane "To see how to kill Serbs".

    When everybody gathered, accused KLA member Sadik Aliji came in with "Opel Ascona" car with Vranje license tags, and with him 2 abducted men and one older woman. All three of them Serbs.

    KLA Idriz Aliji and Ramadan Halimi took the woman out of the car and forced her to lie down on the concrete floor.

    One her foot they tied to "Opel Ascona", which was operated by KLA Sadik Aliji, the other to second car "Zastava", which was operated by KLA Semsi Nuhiju.

    Redzep Alija ordered to drive in opposite directions: "Drive slowly! Don't kill her to fast!"

    Woman screamed, and even after her limbs were torn apart from her body, she was still alive.

    KLA returned cars in initial position, and this time tied her hands.

    Redzep Alija ordered again: "Now her arms! Don't press gas to much! Don't rush!"

    After her arms were torn apart from her body, same destiny awaited one of the men, captured Serb.

    First legs, then arms.

    But that was not the end of this blood bath.

    Witness that accepted to testify claims: "Alija Idriz then took out an axe from "Ascona" and cut in pieces both bodies."

    Pieces of bodies are then placed in different bags, and taken in different directions.

    Second man was taken to the basement of the dorm and tortured & killed there, the same way as all other Serbs were later on.

    After this event, KLA commanders Ajdari, Alija and Saciri called for meeting of all KLA members of that group in the dorm. They said to them:

    "Have you all seen what you have to do to Serbs? Your order is to kill as many of them as you can, force to leave this area as many as you can and take away everything of any value! Do not go easy on them!" Further on, to cut bodies in pieces, place them in bags, and throw into Livocko lake or in big garbage containers, to be taken away & buried somewhere else.

    Currently arrested are following KLA members:

    Agus Memisi "Dzabiri"
    Faton Hajdari "Kulji"
    Samet Hajdari
    Ahmet Hasani "Indijanac" or "Afrikanac"
    Nazif Hasani
    Kamber Sahiti
    Selimon Sadiku
    Burim Fazilju

    On the run are following KLA members:

    Fazilj Ajdare "Faza"
    Redzep Aliji "Razda"
    Sadik Aliji
    Idriz Aliji "Ramus"
    Sacir Saciri "Saca"
    Sefket Musliju "Adzija"
    Semsija Nuhiju "Sema"
    Ramadan Halimi

    In the dorm of Gnjilane, most of captured Serbs had their limbs or fingers broken or cut-off.

    KLA terrorists used usually heavy pipe to break their fingers, and then used combined pliers to pull out their teeth and fingernails.

    To some they would first hit their heads with iron bars and then hammered-in lighters through the wounds in their sculls. Cut their tongues with knives and strangle them with wires and plastic bags.

    To some abducted men, they cut off their penises, and sliced their throats.

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