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    Gorean City Razed to the Ground



    There are many fantastic builds in Second Life, many beautiful cities and natural looking landscapes throughout the grid.  The places in the virtual world, though, are only as permanent as the people that own them want them to be.  However, it came as a shock to hear that the Gorean city of Thentis has been razed to the ground. 





    I had visited Thentis, as an observer, early in December last year (see first picture).   I had wanted to find out more about ‘Gorean role-play' for an article I had planned to write.  Few people know what goes on in the Gorean cities unless they actually take part in the lifestyle.  There is an awful lot of conjecture, however, with non-Gorean avatars about the role-play, most of them dismissing it as nothing more than brutality and sexual perversion.  In fact it is a well- structured society where the characters have to keep within their roles.  The whole thing is based on a series of twenty-six novels, ‘Chronicles of Gor', written by John Norman, about an alternate-world, involving science fiction, philosophy and eroticism.





    On my first visit there I met Gorean Drax Ember, who has become a very good friend. Drax was kind enough to let me interview him that day, and we sat chatting in one of the taverns in Thentis. As we talked, a slave girl served Drax with a drink.  Even preparing a drink for someone involves role-playing, the girl explained how she mixes and warms the drink, sprinkling nutmeg and cinnamon into it, preparing the drinking vessel and polishing the silver tray.  The language itself has to be correct, ‘aye' instead of ‘yes', greeting each other with ‘Tal Sir' or ‘Tal Lady'.  So there is an awful lot to remember, and it must take a little while to perfect the roles.





    Drax also rented a house in the foothills of Thentis, a nice quiet safe spot, free of any combat, or any of the hustle bustle of the main city.  He had moved out a few weeks ago as all the tenants had been given notice when the sim changed hands.  So it is with some sadness that we found out that the entire Thentis sim had been flattened.





    I contacted the owner, Dragger Allen, today.  I asked him why he had decided to delete the city.  He told me that he had closed it because it was no longer fun, the people there had been a problem, he said that there was too much drama.  He told me, ‘after all, fun is the reason why we are all in Second Life'.




    He has a point, Second Life should be fun, but an awful lot of people are going to miss Thentis.  It's always a little sad to see familiar settings disappear in the virtual world and Drax and I went back for a last look at the deserted sim.  Let's hope the residents find comfort in another Gorean City.

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