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    Los Angeles, California
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    Slum of Torrance; California's living nightmares


    Torrance, Ca
    16732 Crenshaw Blvd
    Roaches, no hot water, no gas, no elecrtricity at least half the time, and long gextension cords have to run through the living room. Rats in the kitchen....
    The landlord doesnt care about threats of violence, chasing, stabbings,knifings, all kinds of threats form maintenance workers.  Everytime construction comes to work on the place the maintenance guys threaten to aske them to butry the body hes going to leave with the violence and argumetns the starts a when he pretends hes been stolen from, and starts an argument.... The stealing of food is ommon but if ayou stela theirs you are threatend within an inch of your life by the supposed ex managers and manintenance  workers.... who somke crack, sometimes on a daily and weekly basis, drink obscene amounts of  alcohol on a daily basis and then rob yours and call the cops on the heroine junkies upstairs who complain of aonly doing time in proson, berfore they threaten ot slash you up while imitating a jamaican a d making hash in the garage.....Veryone thire is  an exrteme schizophrenic who deserves not to kill as many people as they claimt ohava lready done so, even asian milaitry smoking crack upstaris while complaining thye shot "too many people in asia', and the heroin ejunkies fucke rejected retarded sho2w business wanna be s who supposedly wroked as a crippled Vegas show girl, and they compolin that they mowed osme one down wone night while drunk.... using knives azn canes on one another leaving the tables covered int he midddle of hter ooms with boxes and blankets not etating ro threedays and when they do, they eat the scraps off another persons plate........  Beating each other eiwth open cans and swatting butcher kinves hitting on an jerking off on tenants wsthe pracitce of the maintenace crew......
    The managers worked for a homeless coalition who demand that you pay them the rent sat night, ten oclock at night, with the serving of three day notices on a Sunday or Friday night after 7 pm when thye get off work, they aslod dont pay th emortgate and the houses are on the brink of foreclosure w2hile being over forty thousand dollars behind in payments. no leases but there is extreme schixphrenia when th emanage r Nick Wrotman is on drugs like methadone, even at the homelessclinic where he araises money for the dailyserving of meals to the homeless peoples..... but he has no problem  serving illeagal threeday notices to leave people in the gutter on the streets while mice occupy the garages and everyone claims theirs vermin and rats int he alley behind the place....But thue up side i sathat you have  decent place to staty with  a b unch of alcohplics or you can go and stay in a sober living place even if you dont use harde drugs or drink on a daily ore ven weekly even monthly basis, and then you can sit an d eat int he gutter becasue you doant have any gas, and the bathroom failed the health inspection as the walls cave in with water from upstaris after the ceiling caves thr fuck in from being flooded.  you can guess that the manager doesnt care if you live in the street because hes kieeping a skima nd a cut of  the rent while the mortatgae issnt pbeing paid, and if you live on the streets you can dgive3 him funding becase there is a lot of homeless peopel, you have to serve them san d put  htem in a drug related infested sshelter with a fake church and alot of fukcing meetings like Alcaholics anonomous and Alanon, and even narcotics anaonomous if you find it interesting ... you can be in by ten o a friday or satureday because you share a room with fifty other poepple of four or five for over threee hundred dollars a  month.;
    Welcome to Elegant Home Care where if you threaten to taddle tale you  cna be threatened in Torrance wihtin an inch of your goddamn life because th ehomeless coalition, the OPCC, has to make money too, and hell those people need jobs even though thye used to be Jehovas Witnesses  and are mimmagrants here on visa.  The Ocean Park Community Center can help you with its schizphrenic feedings on a daily basis but can it help you before they provide you with a place or after? maybe not.
    The OPCC in Santa Monica has a lot to learn about really supprting people because you cna just get beat for questioning somones motives about your social securty, and Nick Wrotman the manager , the jehovas Witness, might threaten you or not like you, or steal you streghtn thorugh aparanoid schizophrenia he jokcs to steal your money. and dont forget ot donate allyour money to the food pragrqam whre the devils can feed you in demons and you can be threatened everytime you eat.

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