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    Posted July 13, 2009 by
    Fort Collins, Colorado
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    Obama's Plan $185 Billion 60 days 2nd Stimulus


    Richard Heene, a general contractor, published scientist, and an inventor has invented “Project: Remodel America”, a project to remodel the American economy and remodel homes. Heene has posted an open letter/video to President Obama to start a nation wide project, “Remodel America” that will put $185 Billion dollar into the American economy in just 60 days.

    Project Remodel America is like the defibrillator for the heart of America.

    In 2004, there were approximately 24.7 million businesses in the United States, according to Office of Advocacy estimates.


    Through Project Remodel America, Business owners will be stimulating their very own business.


    If only 10 % of the 24.7 million business owners who own homes and who have a saving account were to hire contractors to do home improvement in two months, for only $5,000.00 in home repairs, it would stimulate the economy by $12.3 billion dollars. The United States would be back on our feet in just 60 days. Each contractor would hire employees who would then go out and buy your goods and services. They will visit your fast food restaurant, they will buy clothing from your store, they will buy fuel to get to work, and they will buy a brand new car from GM, Ford, and others. All home improvement stores will gain business.


    The idea is to get the frozen assets flowing through the economy. The life of a US dollar is that it gets pulled out of savings to pay for labor. The labor goes out and buys a hamburger, which goes to pay for the labor to make the hamburger, that labor may buy auto parts, which goes to pay labor, which then goes out and buys more goods and services etc.


    That would make $12.3 billion liquid. On average, that money will change hands every 4 days. Within 60 days $185 billion will have passed through the hands of American workers. The sustainable effect of liquid money is about 18 -22 months.


    Everyday during the 30 days of pledging, Americans will tune in to find out how much money will be in circulation. The subsequent 60 days of remodeling America will once again be feeling good about themselves.


    President Kennedy said:

    “Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what can you do for your country”


    The first step Mr. President:  I implore you to start Project Remodel America by starting up website And ask every American home owner to pledge how much they are willing to invest in their own homes over a 60 day period.

    There is not delay in this plan unlike that of building new homes. Roofing, painting

    The seconded step is to have an initiation start date that will count down the 60 day period and we’ll witness the power of positive doing in action.

    We already have a previous model to learn from. Remember in 1982 when Ronald Regan gave out free surplus cheese to those who were hungry. It fed them for a day, and didn’t pay their bills. What brought the economy back was remodeling. I was there, swinging my hammer, tiling, building, and cutting.  I can assure you I was not cutting the cheese.


    We as American people must not depend on big government to get us out of this bad economy. It is up to us the American people to ban together and join forces to turn the economy around.


    Small business owners who have a savings, you will help your own business by hiring contractors to improve your home through Project Remodel America.


    This is not like taking $5,000 and giving it away. You are not losing a penny. You are literally investing in your own home and gaining an increase in equity.


    Mr. Obama, we can get America to ban together and sign $12.3 billion in contracts. Let’s get this economy back on its feet. Let’s stop the victim mentality and help ourselves. The U.S. Federal Government is not our daddy. We can turn this around.


    Hire a contractor. They are the heart and soul of this country. They are the ones who built this country. Without them you wouldn’t have a home.


    Now is the time to unite the people of America through Project Remodel America.


    Project Remodel America stimulates houses that already exist, and does not require people to purchases new or existing homes.


    Project Remodel America is off limits to bonuses for CEO’s of major corporations.


    Project Remodel America is by the people for the people.

    President Obama, I will be more than happy to meet with your economic advisors to give them the details of the plan.



    The benefits of Project Remodel America


    California’s economy will pick up: Government will receive employment taxes, building permit taxes, sales tax on home improvement goods, gasoline tax. 


    Fast food restaurants will once again be busy.


    Mr. Obama please consider Project Remodel America.


    We are Americans.

    We are Proud

    We want to work

    We don’t mind getting calluses on our hands

    You people out there who are watching this who like this plan, please leave a comment.

    Negatives destroy, positives build.


    Written by Richard Heene


    Richard Heene, 47, is married with three little boys and lives in Colorado. He was published in July 2008, in The National Weather Digest for his research, "Electromagnetic Fields Recorded in Mesocyclones" He has been a contractor for over 30 years and has hundred of world changing inventions.

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