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    Groton, Connecticut
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    Don't say that word

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    Oh Look - The Worst Overused Word


    Here's another beauty that doesn't often find it's way north of the Mason-Dixon line:



    It got it's origin when the words 'you' and 'all' were involved in a horrific auto accident when a moonshine hauler crashed his load of corn squeezin's on an old country back-road during Prohibition.  The only chance of survival for these two words was to butcher them into one monster.  Unfortunately, it broke loose and invaded the Southern population.


    When I hear 'y'all' ten times in a sentence that would otherwise contain three words, I want to blow my brains out.  It's unnecessary


    Example:  "Y'all think y'all want to take y'all's dog out to the park where y'all can run and play, then y'all can bring back some grits and sweet tea from the general store.  Y'all need some money?"


    Now, take 'y'all' and transform it back to it's root of 'you all.'  Doesn't it sound even dumber?


    Strike that 'word' from the vocabulary, y'all.

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