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    Posted July 17, 2009 by
    Springerville, Arizona
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    Freedom of the Press??


    "You have an incredible story!"  This is what I was hounded with by Channel 12 in Phoenix.  Veronica Sanchez to be more precise.

    I had submitted my "story" to iReport and the Executive Producer of Channel 12 News had Ms. Sanchez contact me, and contact me she did; by email, land-line, and on my cell phone, numerous times.  She really wanted to interview me for this story.

    My "Story," in a nutshell;  The Springerville Town officials had surfaced our road with carcinogenic toxins and we battled them for 3 years trying to get it cleaned up.  During that process corruption, maleficense of office, abuse of power, and a plethora of other illegal activities was uncovered.  The town officials began to harass and threaten me, so, I wrote a book about their corruption.  When it was published I became the Town's target of immeasurable retaliations and threats, including, but not at all  limited to the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety, all of which I had documented proof.  This "proof" was provided to Ms. Sanchez.

    While doing my interview, Ms. Sanchez was insensed at the "Journalistic irresponsibility" of the local newspapers for not telling the public about the corruption, etc.

    Ms. Sanchez contacted Detective Mel Cody, AZ. DPS in Flagstaff, to interview him about the "bogus" investigation the Springerville Police had requested they do in Aug. 2008, involving charging me with 3 misdemeanors and a felony stalking charge against me, that too I had tape recorded.  Det. Cody completely denied ever being at my house to do an interview.  I played a portion of the recorded interview for Ms. Sanchez; the part where Det. Cody introduced himself to me when he arrived at my house on Aug. 29, 2008.  Ms. Sanchez called Det. Cody back and informed him that she had heard him on the tape recorded interview.  He responded with, "Yes, I know, it's all over the internet."  He then went on to tell Ms. Sanchez that he had no memory of the interview.  To listen to this interview, go to this site:




    The day before my "Incredible story" was to air on Channel 12 news I received a call from Ms. Sanchez.  Rather than take up space writing about it, you can go to the following link and listen to our conversation:




    What a bunch of BS she fed me!  When I watched the "story" she put together I was appalled, angry, disgusted, and very disappointed that the corruption I had lived, written a book about, and suffered the retaliations for was turned into a joke, with me being the punch line.  What was it Sanchez said about "Journalistic Irresponsibility?"  See for yourself:




    This "story" didn't make a lick of sense and it certainly didn't tell the "Story!"  I was embarassed with myself for thinking, and believing, that the truth would actually, and finally, be told.


    Since this story aired the Towns' retaliations have increased exponentially, including heightened threats to my life.  However, it was more important to be politically correct than to actually tell the truth about Springerville, AZ.


    If you watch the Channel 12 video,  the last thing Sanchez says is that the Springerville Town officials were considering filing a libel suit against me; for exercising my First Amendment Rights and writing a book.  Not surprisingly, within a week after her comments, a counterclaim for libel was attached to a lawsuit I filed against two of the Town's puppets.  How convenient was that?  These two puppets were "characters" in my book.


    You can read about the retaliations and threats on my blog:



    There you have it!  Freedom of the Press?  Right, the freedom to twist an "Incredible story" into anything you want it to be and/or say, making a fool out of the innocent and giving the corrupt a pat on the back for a job well done.

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