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    Same-sex marriage: Civil right vs. states' rights

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    What Makes Someone Gay?


    Much research has been done to find out exactly what makes someone gay, straight, or somewhere in between. The conclusion that homosexuality is a normal variant of human sexuality was formalized in 1975 when the American Psychological Association made this statement:

    "... homosexuality is neither a form of mental illness nor a symptom of mental illness." Further, "taken together, the evidence clearly supports the position that the social stigma, prejudice, discrimination, and violence associated with not having a heterosexual orientation and the hostile and stressful social environments created thereby, adversely affect the psychological, physical, social, and economic well-being of lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals." (1)

    Despite what the medical profession has to say on the subject, many people still argue that homosexuality is abnormal, wrong, a sin, disgusting, against God, etc. etc. Posts declaring that being gay is equivalent to pedophilia, a sin, or a choice abound.


    Alllegitimate medical associations disagree with the above statements. To the contrary, many scientific groups have been trying to figure out what makes someone gay, straight or somewhere in between.


    Meanwhile, children are rejected by their parents, teachers and friends. Some are strong enough to be true to themselves and withstand ill treatment. Others break under the stress, try to go through "aversion therapy" or sadly, commit suicide. ref (2)




    Anyone who says these hurtful things either are not gay, doesn't know anyone who is gay, hasn't bothered to do any real research, or is just so entrenched in their own viewpoint, that they don't really care.


    Scientists of late are starting to make real inroads into the "cause" of homosexuality. It's a well known fact that homosexuality exists in the wild. Some species can even change gender as the need arises.

    Then there are interesting "couples" like the black swans. About 25% of these birds are raised by male-male "parents." Male couples sometimes mate with a female just to have a baby swan. Once she lays the egg, they chase her away, hatch the egg themselves and raise their baby swan.themselves.(3)
    Dr. Roselli, a researcher at the Oregon Health and Science University, has searched for the past five years for physiological factors that might explain why about 8 percent of rams seek sex exclusively with other rams instead of ewes. The goal, he says, is to understand the fundamental mechanisms of sexual orientation in sheep.(4)

    So the claim that homosexuality "is against nature" is totally false. Besides, homosexuals have played an important role in many cultures around the world throughout history.


    More recently, studies have been done on identical twins, and the families of gay men.

    "in identical twins, if one twin was gay, the other had about a 50 percent chance of also being gay. For fraternal twins, the rate was about 20 percent." (5)

    Proof is emerging that homosexuality is determined in the womb according to either genetic or hormonal factors. The most promising study of determining homosexuality is a study of gay men born to large families. A study from August 2008 shows that the more sons a woman has, the more likely the youngest ones will be gay. While this doesn't explain 100% of all incidents of homosexuality, and doesn't include lesbians at all, researchers feel

    "It's one more piece of evidence that homosexuality is determined biologically - be fore birth - like left handedness."(6)

    More information and answers to questions about "coming out," "what if my child is gay," and more may be found on the APA.org website.(7)



    (1)APA statement on homosexuality, 1975 - 2006














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