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    Rise of Prostitution in Dubai


    With the dramatic economic increases being experienced in Arabic Dubai, there is also an increase of prositution occuring.  Because prostitution is technically illegal in the Islamic ruled state, men must "marry" the prostitute in a religiously sanctioned ceremony officiated by an Imam.


    Once the "marriage" ceremony is complete, the man is welcome to rent a room to consumate the marriage of his new bride.  If the man determines the new bride is unsuitable for a long term relationship, he may approach the Imam immediately after the consumation is complete and have the "marriage" annulled.


    In this manner, a Muslim man is eligible to partake in prostitution without violating the rules of Islam.  It has become extremely popular in economically growing areas such as Arabic Dubai, and is practiced throughout the region where there are Sunni Muslims in the ruling class.


    This practice is prohibited in Shiite dominated areas, as the marriage cannot be annulled immediately proceeding the consumation ceremony.  Shiite Muslims increasingly make "hajj" to Saudi Arabia with stops in Arabic Dubai in order to take advantage of the Islamic loophole.

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