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    Posted July 26, 2009 by
    Crestview Hills, Kentucky
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    Racial profiling: Both sides

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    Why blacks commit more violent crimes


    This post is in response to my stats of 30% black men in KY prison system while less than 9% of the population is black.  A commenter said that blacks statistically commit more violent crimes.  He lives in Philly and knows it to be true.  Well, the world is not Philly, so I provide the following story of a minority youth charged with 3 violent crimes punishable by up to 50 yrs in prison over what began as a simple dispute between friends involving a cell phone and $100.


    The facts:  My son tried to join the army 12-4-2007, but was told he had to lose 50 lbs first.  His measurements were 76.5" (6'4.5") 268 lbs and his abdominal circumference was 46".  He is a member of the Kiowa tribe of Oklahoma and they have tall men in that tribe. I have the printout from the army so this is a fact.  He was out of compliance and too heavy to join the Army.


    Before my son could lose the weight and get into the armed services, 2.5 weeks later on 12-21-07 he was involved in a dispute with a friend over a cell phone and $100 which resulted in a 1st degree robbery charge on him though there was no violence nor weapons involved.  For good measure, the police tossed on two store robberies happening previously in the week in our area for which the description of one of them was thin man 150-190 lbs and the other was a Mexican approximately 190 lbs.  Both robberies happened on same night within 3 miles of each other.  He then faced up to 50 yrs in prison over what started as a dispute with a friend.  Even if one assumed he committed the additional crimes with the descriptions in no way fitting him, the store robberies also involved no violence or threats but were charged as first degree robberies.  The police charges after the fact alleged threats clearly not in the witness statements and the charges were upped to 1st degree robbery.


    Now I don't know about you, but when I think of 1st degree robbery, the most violent offence chargeable, I think of guns and injuries.  You know, violence.  Not someone walking in and saying give me the money and running back out.  Not any more, the charges against minorities that I see on t.v. are always highly suspect, and I don't believe what is written in a police report unless there is proof other than that of what an officer says.


    The charge of first degree robbery thin man 150-190 lbs was dropped when my son pled guilty to theft of over $300 for the cell phone and $100 (less than $300).  The other charge he took the Alfred plea (acknowlege evidence and it is not in my best interests to go to trial) to theft of over $300.  Actual amount taken from that store was also less than $300.  Two class D felonies of theft over $300 -- 8 yrs.  Total of all 3 incidents including the dropped one was around $400.  None amounted to felony theft.  Still one could count him lucky considering what was thrown at him.


    My son was always a patriot and proud of his country.  He is extremely sharp minded and wanted to put his physical and mental skills to good use defending our country.  He no longer thinks that way.  His question is, why would I defend a country that did this to me?  Of course, we live in Kentucky, and they are not the United States for sure.  Kentucky has a bad history with treatment of Native Americans.  Even now, while serving his time for 2 Class D felony theft charges, they refuse to put his race in the prison stats on-line.  They charged him as a white man and when they were provided his tribal card with the membership #, they somehow have conveniently not put his information into the prison system.  He is either white or has no race period.  20,000 prisoners in KY and about 25 have missing information.  He is one of them.  I am told it is because KY lost a major case involving a native american and now have to implement procedures of tribal involvement in criminal cases; mistating or not stating race gets around that.  Kentucky offender on-line lookup KOOL, there are no native americans in their prison system.  Google it.  He is #222862 and see the detail is missing that would contain his race.  Then go to an advanced search and select Native American under race.  Answer = 0.


    3 violent crime charges punishable by up to 50 yrs in prison for what began as a cell phone dispute and allegedly taking $100.  How many white boys get that?


    The police dept that determined he robbed the stores was the same that forbade his brother to drive their streets.  The same that patted his brother down at 15 for twirling a toy gun in wild west fashion in public as he walked back from K-Mart.  The same that threatened arrest for theft for picking a lock up off the ground as they walked to Blockbuster.  In fact, the same officer was involved in the lock incident, the toy gun incident, and the robbery charge.


    Even if one could show that more violent convictions occur with black men, I would dig a little deeper into those files to get the details all things considered.


    The man in the photo is Peter Mbugua, an immigrant truck driver from Kenya involved in a traffic accident.  It took a white court and jury in Boone County 15 mins to convict him of 2nd degree manslaughter.  No, there was no alcohol or drugs involved and no Peter did not have prior charges.  Also no, he did not have a proper defence.  He had a public defender with a 400+ case load.


    Of note, my son and Peter were in the same jail cell which contained minorities and illegal immigrants.  Both had bonds too high to afford.  In the cell opposite was a white man charged with murdering his wife at Christmas.  The white man's 100,000 bond was reduced to a signature bond.  None of the 3 men, my son, Peter, or the white man had a violent past.


    Convictions of minorities for violent crimes is part of the statistical bias and racial profiling in our current system of justice.  It does not mean black men commit more crimes.  Stats prove black men are more likely to be stopped, more likely to be charged, more likely to be charged with felony and violent offences, more likely to be convicted than white men with similar charges, more likely to be given longer sentences, and less likely to be paroled.  Period.

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