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    Los Angeles, California

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    Foster Care and the Department of Children's Services and my experience


    Re: The article “Los Angeles boy's beating death came after two exams, records show” and Contact the reporter with your experiences

    Attention: Mr. Hector Becerra

    With the exception of one sister, my brothers and sisters spent over three years out of our lives in foster care. One of my sisters was in foster care from the time that she was ten months old, until age eighteen.

    Neither of my parents nor any of my brothers and sisters, nor I, have been found to be criminal, insane, incompetent, and incorrigible in any Los Angeles County or otherwise court proceeding. Furthermore, with exception of two of my sisters, the remaining six Lofton siblings, was placed on probation, the youngest being 10 months old, and the oldest at that time being me, at age 12 years.

    No good Black social workers, probation officers, and foster parents contributed to the destruction of my immediate family. These individuals played musical chairs with my immediate family members to pay down on their mortgages, purchase other luxuries, and furnish the necessities of life, derived from ill gained AFDC benefits, at the expense of the Lofton family.

    Furthermore, the Los Angeles Sentinel the so called largest Black owned newspaper on the West Coast, published falsehoods about my immediate family, and has yet to publish the truth.

    There is absolutely nothing positive or good, that I can say about the Department of Children and Family Services, especially as it relates to Black social workers and probation officers who contributed to the destruction of my family.

    If any of these worthless university educated Black social workers, and probation officers, come around me, there will be a confrontation.


    Michael Lofton


    Even a small publication can make a difference.  One individual, one journalist, one newspaper that publishes the truth is an “army”.    For years my immediate family has made numerous attempts to reach the so-called university educated Black middleclass and/or prompt our own elected Black leaders to be responsible.  More times than not and far too often, these individuals have either joined the ranks of the perpetrators, capitulated, and/or have been blatantly incompetent.







    Over the years I have circulated the erroneous Los Angeles Sentinel article, and thus far not a single Los Angeles Sentinel journalist has apologized and/or retracted that worthless article to publish the truth.

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