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    Ingenious Music Maker In SL


    Going wandering over the SL grid is the best way to find some amazing people.  Just by chance you see someone, say hello and before you know it you realise you are talking to quite a genius.  I had my suspicions that Nomasha Syaka may have been a bit special when I saw him and read his profile, he states “I live in a secure unit in hospital. They let me into SL if I agree to take my medication. They make me wear a straight jacket - so I use my nose to type.”   Hence I started to talk to Nomasha to find out some more.  I had picked the sim that he owns by looking in the latest adverts on the Search menu in SL, and at first I thought he sold dance animations and that was it, but how mistaken I was!!



    Scattered all around the sim there are dance pads so that you can try the animations before you buy, but nearby there are the most exquisite guitars for sale, so I asked Nomasha if he had made the guitars and he said he had.  At first I thought the guitars looked expensive, but then I realised that they are worth every Linden and more! and to a musician who wants to play guitar-in world, they are an absolute must.   Nomasha gave me his website to look at which explains just what these guitars can do (http://www.nomasha.com/).  With a real life partner, Nomasha created the dance animations, (MoCap dances) which are included in all the electric and acoustic guitars.  I asked him how these animations are made he told me “A rl person wears a suit with little balls all over it, they are filmed by many cameras as they dance and this is converted onto a computer character (avatar) - to over-simplify it.”


    The guitars themselves have so many clever functions, they are loaded with 200 different sounds so that you can make up your own tunes, the website states ‘With groupings of riffs from heavy metal to punk, blues, alternative, rock etc. The acoustic and electric guitars have different sounds. All of them are loopable and grouped in key and BPM together as much as possible. These riffs are included in all the electric and acoustic guitars - the bass guitars are not yet updated.’


    You also have the option of loading your own animations, sounds and songs into the guitar, plus you can actually record what you play, which is stored on a webpage and the tunes can then be played back in SL.   The Hud supplied with the guitar looks easy enough to use and you can always look really cool in-world by wearing your guitar on your avatar’s back when you are not playing it.


    There are a fantastic array of copies of SL guitars to pick from on the sim, all the famous makes, including a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson Les Paul.  A lot of skill has been used by Nomasha to make these beautiful instruments.


    Nomasha’s sim is a very unusual design and I asked him how he had got the idea for it and why he opened it.  He told me “I designed the sim intuitively, little or no thought! MoCap dances? Because I wanted to finance my life in SL :)”


    With so many real life musicians wanting to transfer their music into SL I think Nomasha is filling a gap in the market that no one else has thought of.  You can see that it has taken a lot of hard work and Nomasha told me that he had had to learn how to do the animations from scratch, so you can see what an achievement this all really is.


    He had another surprise for me before I left the sim, and I will give you the slurl for it, but I won’t tell you what it is.  If you use the slurl my advice is to sit on the apple and see what happens, you will be both enthralled and shocked!! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nomasha%20Syaka/142/124/21


    Many thanks for talking to me Nomasha!


    The sim is called Nomasha Syaka, Ministry of Motion, Mocap Animations and Musical Instruments. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nomasha%20Syaka/140/123/21

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